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  1. I would really love to help you out, but sadly I do not have the time to do it anymore But point 1 on your list, if I understand you correct, is more a thing with they game then the mod. Everytime the main.scm is recompiled, the old save games will not work anymore. The only reason I can come up with why they have done this, is to force testers to redo all of the game (this is also the reason cheats exist).
  2. Since you and I both now that developing a mod takes up a lot of time, I now because I'm developing a mod myself. And since we can don't agree on one point do I thing we shut stop this not to get a topic that is more then 20 pages big with use just fighting
  3. But still really, that you have time enough to do all things you want, and still have time left doesn't mean other people have.
  4. So? Me too, but I also have exams, which take up a lot of my time.
  5. From what I understand he wants to edit the texture/looks of the flux bends, I believe they are called.
  6. Man, that is already a year ago since the video was released, time flies by
  7. So why did you post it here, if you already now the outcome?
  8. I use the Tracker on my on forum, it is a great peace of software. It is infact the version that IPS developed. You could use the IP.Content database system, I'm also using it to power my Tutorials, gallery and video system.
  9. The Android Mobile App has been canceled a couple of weeks ago, so only mobile skin is left. And the iOS app. Edit: Will the tracker return?
  10. Did you also not post a topic about it a month ago?
  11. That is a feature that has been added in 0.2F, currently in development.