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  1. The last version of BTTF HV (0.2f with update 01) has various bugs and some things was removed from previous version. I want to fix it but I need help with the code: -1. It's impossible to load a savegame from the menu (only after start new game). -2. Time travel with remote control don't show the display with the date (I don't know what's the line that fails). -3. DMC-13 anymore can convert (I supposed it's complicated ti fix it). -4. The Ride Mission and Tutorial was removed (It's not a priority). -5. In previous versions Hill Valley was bigger (car park for example), but I know that that is in progress for next update. -6. Nth Dimension (with damaged DeLorean). Until now I only can recover Kitt from 0.2d, but I can't change Shift + C to call it. (Insert Kitt isn't the problem to load savegames, that happpens also with original code). P.D. Sorry for my english, I'm Spanish P.D.2 I use Sanny Builder to edit and compile main.scm that provided in gamescript in Update01.