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  1. hear my impressions soon in the game! BTW, if you want to hear what my Marty currently sounds like, here's a mediafire link to the audition mp3 I gave BTTF LC. http://www.mediafire.com/?f2rpd94hw5c09q6

  2. Hey dude, thanks man! And regarding the BTTF voices comment you left on YouTube (for some reason the Youtube reply function is glitchy right now so I had to reply here lol XD),

    Yeah I'm so happy I get to put my BTTF impressions to some use now! And trust me, my Marty has gotten much better since that video lol XD. Thanks for the kind words, and I hope that you'll be able to h

  3. Thanks dude! glad you like them! If I find more things to tweak about the textures, I'll post new pics! Also, if I get a better computer, you better believe I'll have some photos posted of the updated Crysis Del with the awesome new enb/directx mods for SA! Lol thanks !! my Marty has gotten much better since then...in those videos I tried to sound a lot like A.J. Locascio, whose inflections are a bit cartoony, but now I'm trying to sound like MJF in BTTF1!
  4. Thanks so much for all of your kind words!! I'm glad my edited textures are popular!
  5. Thanks, guys! I'm glad you like them! I may be making more adjustments as time goes on, but right now, I'm pretty happy with the way they look (plus, I'm travelling to Dublin, Ireland to study at a national Irish acting conservatory for 3 weeks, so I'll be without my computer lol XD)!
  6. Update: As requested by Uokka, new vent textures (less red dirt), new headlight textures, and slightly darker hull color: Alternate view of the vents, with new tail-light texture (not sure if it looks too photo-like) New Headlights: And a brighter Flux Cap box:
  7. That's an old Corgi 1:36 scale die cast Delorean, Knight Bob
  8. Lol thanks, dude! I just whipped that together in like 10 mins, so it's nothing special, but I'm glad you like it hahaha!
  9. You guys'll definitely get a kick out of what I did with my Christmas train this year: "DOC, THE RED ONE'S ABOUT TO BLLLLLOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!" The same shot, just with quickly added effects in GIMP: Comment or post photos if you did any BTTF related thing with your Christmas or Holiday decorations!
  10. UPDATE!!! New headlight textures! Daytime: Nighttime (a-la-Twin Pines Mall):
  11. Hey dude, I was wondering, how did you and Onikage make the moving wormhole effect in SA shown in Trance's video? I've never seen anyone make an effect like that before! Also, I was thinking of changing the texture of the fire trails, and I was wondering if you could tell me which file within "particle.txd" is used as the fire trails in the SA mod. If you could answer these qui

  12. Hey thanks dude! I just kinda saw how good the model itself looked, and thought it would be cool to make the colors and textures more accurate (although the textures are amazing to begin with!). If you want them for your own Crysis Delorean, I'll gladly P.M. you a download link! And yeah, I'd love to see how Carlos' model is coming along ! It's looking great so far, and I've been quite ancy for an update!
  13. Thanks, dude! Glad you like it! I'll be perfecting it as time goes, on, though.
  14. Hey guys, I wanted to share my edits to the pre-existing textures of the Crysis Delorean for GTA SA and VC. Overall, I dirtied it up a bit to make it look like the screen-used Delorean in the Amblin/ILM photos found on bttfparts.com. I also added several "scorched" sections on the back CO2 vents, darkened the red capacitors, brightened the blue capacitors and the orange coils on them, made the flux boxes a little more colored, and made the green tubes look more like a pale lime green unlike the original Crysis texture which is more of a dark green. The final exterior texture I changed was the color of the plutonium cap (I made it more of a worn golden yellow). I also changed the red and black labels on the TCD and the Flux Cap using images from the Flux Cap app and an image from the screen used TCD. Here is the link to my photobucket album with the pics, although I uploaded some of them them on here, too: Photobucket: BTTF GTA SA Crysis Delorean Edited Textures Comment and tell me what you think! (Note: The model and textures were created by Tirido for Crysis and were converted to GTA SA by the Bluespace88 and the BTTF: HV Team. I merely edited the existing textures.)
  15. Hey dude, I had a question...I just saw a pic you posted a while back of Carlos's new Delorean in SA with a freakishly realistic stainless steel shine to it...how did you do that?! Was that a mod? And if it's something you made, would you post some pics of the new BTTF cars with that shine?

  16. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THEY'RE AMAZING :D: D!!!! Are these 100% finished, or is there going to be some time before they are released, because I'd love to even use these in 0.2e for the time being...also, please post pics of these models in IV and San Andreas...I can't wait to see what they look like!
  17. Ah ok, then!!! AMAZING job, btw!!! I love how every screen accurate wire and tube are included on this model (and I also love how detailed the base car is to begin with)!!!
  18. I second that, Daniel!! Quick question, Del (or Mike, or whoever is in charge of textures), have you guys done a texture yet for the green tubes? If the one I'm seeing now is the final one, I'd have to say it needs to be a bit brighter, more like a very light olive green like in these two shots: Also, the plutonium cap is more of a golden yellow and the rest of the reactor is more of a worn black like the vents (which, BTW are PERFECT ), as seen in this picture: But I'm just spouting off here with no knowledge of what you guys are working on or not lol...I know that you guys are working to make this thing super accurate, so I figured I'd throw in my two cents . Looking amazing, guys!
  19. Hey dude, just checked out the trailer for BTTF: LC...your models look simply AMAZING!!! In my opinion, your Delorean Time Machine is better than the Crysis model! I was just wondering, I don't actually have GTA III, so until I get around to buying it, is there a chance you could convert the models to VC or SA so I could have a taste of the mod whilst I work towards getting GTA

  20. Oh, right lol I forgot hahaha, and I've even played both mods before XD. I wasn't even thinking about that when I posted because of the sheer AWESOMENESS of the models!!!
  21. OH...MY...GOD!!!! The finished models and tweaked textures look AMAZING!!! You guys are doing such a fantastic job with these cars, seriously...they're truly works of art that are going to look perfect in all three GTA games! Hell, I may just have to get a really good computer so I can use a graphics card and graphics mods that are actually worthy of this model! BRAVO!!! Also, is there a way to make the flux bands to look a little less transparent? The texture you have for them is amazing, don't get me wrong, I was just wondering because in certain shots it seems to be slightly more opaque from afar.
  22. Hey dude I just checked out the BTTF LC site and saw that you are looking to make the most realistic BTTF Deloreans out there...BRAVO!!! Best of luck achieving that goal! I can't wait to see the finished product :D BTW going with the Forza Delorean as the base car was a great idea!