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  1. "But I'm sure they are trying to make it work whenever they can." It's been a total of 5 years, 5 months, and 15 day (not counting today, April 10, 2014). I don't think it would take that long even if they did do that. "GTA V took 4 years to make." To make, not mod. BTTF: LC is a longstanding example of what can be accomplished in less than 5 years, on a weaker game. I know the VC team is not paid, but they could at least be honest and let us know that this mod has been on a pause, a long one. I have no problem with waiting, even five years; but I hate being told something only to find myself disappointed.
  2. Update: Washington State Map completed.
  3. I'm excited to see the Court House Square.
  4. Hopefully they'll release it on October 26 this year.
  5. Does anybody have any questions about this mod?
  6. I've just changed the player model into buddy.
  7. Um I think 27 year olds because of the nostalgia effect. I know I'm not the only guy who's wanted to play gta in the air bud way.
  8. Update: The mod has some improvements.
  9. Thanks Chico. :') And thank you guys for all your support and suggestions towards this mod.
  10. Hey guys I've been really thinking about making a mod on one of my most favorite movies, Air Bud. I think this is a really good mod to do because many times I've played GTA just wishing to do it in an Air Bud way. It will hopefully be a full conversion mod for GTA IV. Wish me luck on it. Main Features: 1) Buddy as the main character. 2) A full map of Washington State. 3) Custom Air Bud Skins. 4) Air Bud Missions, including "Escaping Norman Snively" 5) Many Air Bud Unlockables. Coming Soon to GTA
  11. Man people really use my models a lot. I had no idea. They don't even make mention of my name when they post these things up.
  12. What I find most skeptical is how your not even explaining the inconsistency of the skill level. And is waiting for you guys to release other peoples models to the public and already taking credit for them, like you were about to do with mine, the smartest thing to do? Another thing I have to point out is, if you're actually making these, how are you making them so fast, the quality that I'm seeing would take a lot of time. I look at this guys age and his age didn't surprise me at all. He's 12. I think it's rather rare for kids to produce models as good as the buildings that I see in these pics. From all the evidence, it's clear to me that these aren't yours, none of it.
  13. That doesn't prove anything, you could simply fake progress pics with cheap 3DS Max Cubes, then import other people's models then use wire frame pics and a mess of other stuff. Even the skill level of the street buildings and the clock tower hardly match, the clock tower isn't even shaded as well.
  14. With what has just been pointed, how do we know those other models are your's? Even the new pics look like your still using my model with altered textures. Here's why I don't believe the other models to be yours: They're shaded, but when you altered my model(s) with textures, the textures it looks like crap and they're not even shaded at all. The skill level of your adjustments to my models and the other buildings, that look like they're way better than anything I could create, don't match. Let's compare. After "making" the building in this pic: How in the world do you make adjustments to my decent model, and end up with crap like this:
  15. Who's we? And why does this, "I make this models completely new, also the textures and collision files." p**s me off. Just making one little note that they were mine in the beginning post would of satisfied me.
  16. The desert ground, the street lamp, and the 1955 ground model looks exactly like my Liberty City work with an altered street texture and as I scroll down on the pics, it looks like I'm seeing more alterations to the textures and the model it'self. Everything else, though I don't know who's work it is, looks great.
  17. Thanks again guys. The Cafe 80's is now finished. Rendered: In-Game:
  18. Never mind. Anyway here's a little bit of an update. It's not much since I haven't devoted too much time.
  19. Hey Microman I think I might need your assistance. I remember how you showed me your 2015 modification and I remember seeing a very impressive Blast from the Past sign. I'm just curious of what pics you used as a reference, I can't find a clear shot of it. Would you mind helping me please?