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  1. Trancelikestate, i am pretty sure that Jetpack will look better if you add a reflection map
  2. you cant read the post blue delete, i dont like this car, i just did that for Ashley
  3. Done, hover and normal mode, whit 0.2e deloreans
  4. just think on how a helicopter works EDIT- i am thinking in how do the scanner on a better way for SA, what you think Mike?
  5. just asking are u gonna release the last version of KITT? the model
  6. well can you do it for put this into the delorean?
  7. you cant do it in VC, but i am going to try again
  8. i dunno how make the code for put in in the car
  9. Like i cant post in modelling section i have to post it in here It´s an idea for the flux capacitor, what do you think blue? http://yfrog.us/jmmoviemz
  10. well, is pretty simple, i dont know if this helps, always works for me, download Moo Mapper click on show all IPL or something like, and search the model. I Hope it can work
  11. i dont like the new lights look weird
  12. You are right. Mr. Fusion. http://bttf.wikia.com/wiki/Mr._Fusion Dont produce Nuclear Fusion, it was a cold fusion
  13. For Erase VC Map, just for the people that wanna make TC of VC, Anyway Mike can you make it a SA Map Cleaner too?
  14. Is possible do the cars headlights get turned on, whit memory hack?