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New HO RR Delorean and Locomotive Models

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Hey guys,

Just thought I'd show everyone what I've bee up to lately. Besides work and finishing up college in my free time I've been doing a little modeling. I'm building a new updated and more professional looking HO Scale model of the railroad delorean and locomotive No. 131 from Back to the Future part III. Now for those that don't know I've made similar models in the past:

Here's the whole set


Just a look at the modified Johnny Lightning DeLorean


But to me they were a little out dated and I only had the beta version of that model. Originally I made two separate models of the locomotive and the later one that was better and had more details I sold to some BTTF fans on ebay. :rolleyes:

So I decided it was time to start fresh and make a new set of models. The problem with my old RR delorean is I used Johnny Lightning's 1:64 scale time machine delorean from BTTF 2 as a base model for the set. It was just a little too bit for the tracks and I had to cut into the metal bottom of the car to make it fit properly. Also the metal base of the care would short out the DC powered model train track. So I'm using Hot Wheel's new BTTF delorean for this model. YES I know its not as detailed, but I'm working on that too, adding as much detail as possible. And its slightly smaller, allowing it to fit on the rails a lot better. Here are some progress shots, keep in mind its a work in progress:

Hover Mode Activated


I've also painted a lot of details if any of you own a Hot Wheels time machine you will notice there is a major difference in the coloring so far. I've even added a Mr. Fusion!

Wheel change in progress


Once I get the railroad wheels fitted I'll build the box for the front of the car.

This is the old train :P


Here's the start of the new train, here I was replacing the cab with a more movie accurate one


New lamp box


Delorean on track, doc climbing the side of the loco


Some shots of the new tender load of real wood I cut and modeled to the tender to replace the coal.


Looks great to me! :D


Overhead shot


Test shot of the new smoke stack, not quite right though, don't worry I plan on fixing it to look more accurate :lol:


Work in progress on the new vector decals for the train


Well that's it for now, I will continue posting updates as I finish this model. Thanks for looking! ;)

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Whow, that looks realy good!

What brand do you use for the rails?

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Wow! That is the nicest 131 Rodgers Train and BTTF RR DeLorean I've ever seen on that scale! :D

I bought about 20 BTTF DMC hotwheels along with 20 regular DMC's last year to keep in storage and sell in years to come, but maybe I should send a few to you. ;)

Anyway, nice job!

Keep up the great work! :D

- RobertBlox

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@Knight Bob

Well my rails are standard HO scale flexible modelers track, nothing special, but its ace for building your own layout. I'm not a big fan of easy track or anything. But the first locomotive (the old one) was a tyco/mantua OO scale locomotive, this new one is a Bachman Spectrum DCC 4-6-0 light steam low boiler with sound. It and the delorean are being built to HO Scale this time around so it fits in with most of my other models and looks great on my layout. HO locomotive are compatible with OO scale but OO is a little bit taller than HO but they share the same track.

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I have a Marklin HO train, it is realy nice stuff, but it takes up a lot of time to make.

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I don't think American HO is compatible with Marklin track, doesn't it use a third rail for power?

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It has 2 normal rails, but it has a third contact rail, a little thing just flies over it, which powers the engine, the track is the - line.

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