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  1. The one who needs to grow up is you, all you have time for is just to leave nonsense comments on other peoples profiles. Now, stay off my profile

  2. You actually believe that...?? Remember when Mike said "Coming Fall of 2010 IF YOU'RE LUCKY" Well, what does that say?
  3. I was hoping this game's novelty had long since died out. Unfortunately not.
  4. I can't fathom why anyone would want to use these models. The cartoonish Doc and Marty wouldn't work at all against our realistic GTA setting, and don't get me started on how poorly I think the Delorean model in that game actually is.
  5. 'Grats, I was waiting on the first idiotic reply, and the honor goes straight to you. Here's a protip, little boy, just because someone disagrees with your rabid fanboyism and doesn't mindless drool over retarded posts doesn't make them a troll.
  6. ^That's fanboy-ism at its worst. As long as its the series you love, you're okay with anything and are in absolute denial about ever admitting it might have some flaws. The same people who go and see unnecessary (very bad) sequels solely because it's of a franchise they like. And yeah, I never denied the movies have coincidences too, but, I never said that part 2 was my favorite either. In actuality, while I still like it, you just listed why it's my least favorite of the trilogy, because there were so many variables that it did have some coincidences. I like part 1 and 3 the best solely on the grounds they're both far more character driven. Though I think terms of plot perfection, it has to go to part 1, and that was the only one they were originally going to make to begin with.
  7. Yo, I'm a girl, dude. What I was meaning with the horrible coincidences was in episode 1 firstly. Edna just HAPPENS to own an archive of Hill Valley news. So convenient. When Marty looks over at a building through the binoculars, it just happens to have a plaque on the front establishing when it was made. That's kindergarten level deus ex machina. They could have set it up way better.
  8. I have no interest in the slightest to play this game, from what I've seen, there are countless factual errors (Mr. Fusion vehicle spews steam after time travel for example), but honestly, the plot is just boring and extremely contrived. I'm a writer myself and any kind of plot with that many 'coincidences' is the epitome of lousy writing. I think it's overrated. I still think the 'honor' of "best BTTF game" should go this forum's project, as that's probably the most interactive BTTF thing I've ever had fun on. Call me crazy, but I always though "ride Delorean" as the biggest draw, if you can't do that, I don't care. So, even though there's still nothing to do in-game, it's still fun just for that fact. The only time you even get to see the Delorean time travel in Telltale's game is through cut scenes. Quite dull. I understand that some fans just drool at anything related to BTTF, but it takes a lot more than that to impress me.
  9. So, yes, technically by definition a parody is supposed to be humorous or provide insight to the work its based on (usually following it closely). This isn't a parody, it's more like just fanwork or something.
  10. Do you even know what a "parody" is? That wasn't a parody.
  11. Thanks. I read around when I saw this topic wasn't getting answered and that's what I found. I made it work. CLEO is great, due to not having to remove your game. Thanks though, this info would have helped had I not already gotten it. I appreciate it.
  12. Well, I've recently just been playing San Andreas again, but I lost a very special vehicle (thanks to those glitchy garages) and since your mod allows me to continue with my saved games, others can too, so I got an idea. Anyway, I found what I was looking for to get it again, but... I have absolutely no idea what this wants me to do. I know nothing about "CLEO", nothing, so can someone here fill me in? This guy writes it like everyone should know. Here's the directions: Installation: I think you should already know it. If not, put AllMissions.cs in folder \GTA San Andreas\CLEO and AllMissions - English.fxt or AllMissions - German.fxt in \GTA San Andreas\CLEO\CLEO_TEXT. Whoosh, right over my head. Any help would be appreciated.