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  1. Models look awesome!! Textures could use a little help tho http://www.cgtextures.com/
  2. The polys look very high quality for Sketchup! It looks like he's planning on doing a 2015 HV by the looks of his youtube history, although it'll no doubt take him a while. Just FYI: I've started modeling my home town square (in the 1940's) with Maya very recently. Reminds me so much of Hill Valley, can almost see Doc swinging from the Clock!: In 1947: http://www.boltonmuseums.org.uk/collection.../7loc/imageFile In 2011: http://www.gmltp.co.uk/597807_0_1_12345268.../294974_0_1.jpg Very sad how times change ;(
  3. Sure am . Moved to the US from the UK last year so i was outta the loop for a while. My old laptop broke down too so I ended up getting an iMac (Without 3DS Max) ;(. Not to fear tho, I still have the McFly House 3DS Max file on backup for anyone that wants it. I wont be using it anymore
  4. http://youtu.be/TcaYS6-QnHw Soooooo. Not sure if this is old news, another GTA mod (as suggested by the Youtube tags), or just some guy's college art project. The models look 3DS and the engine looks like Unreal to me (although part of me hopes that this was leaked from the BTTF mod XP). Anyone know ANYTHING at all about this? Is this guy on the forum?? I would kill for these models/textures.
  5. Good job importing the models buddy!! I might need help importing my McFly House at some point
  6. Update- Finally managed to sort out the textures! (Turns out I didn't use UVW Mapping properly) Still have a glitch with the front steps (I think it's a .txd file issue), but at least most of the house is looking ok. Also the model looks a little squashed so I'll have to rescale at some point. Can't get any in-game pics yet as SA keeps crashing (not sure why atm), but here's some from Med.
  7. Lol, cool! I'm loving all the 2015 content on there!
  8. Hi guys, don't know if many of you have seen this but I stumbled across this forum which is full of HD pics, screencaps and blueprints of BTTF. Just FYI- I think it'd be a fantastic resource for all you noob modelers out there, it makes me want to model so much!: http://www.offto55.com/board/index.php
  9. Thanks so much guys! Not sure if i'd be up for a full time position on any modding group for a while. But if I truly can't get the house in-game then I'd be happy for someone else to take the model and used-textures. In hindsight I should have started with a smaller project (i.e. Lyon Estates signs) as I wouldn't feel so bad if I failed to import what would have been an afternoons worth of work. @DK: Thanks for the tip, I'll see if it works and get a screenshot. @Trancelikestate: No worries buddy, I converted it and exported it but it looks off in Med.
  10. Thanks guys, it's about 3,500 Polys atm and I'd probably add more detail to it (e.g shrubs, flowers, trash cans, and of course the pylons at the back) if I could get this basic model into the game. I've been having trouble with the textures but can't seem to figure it out atm, looks like a scaling issue or something...
  11. Hey guys, i'm kind of new to the forum although I've been watching it for some time. Recently I got 3ds Max and have been playing about with it for a month or two. Here's my first project, although i haven't got it in-game yet, hope you guys like!: