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  1. I believe your idea of replays it's impossible even in SA maybe I'm wrong xD but what I'm sure for certain it's the fact that it's gonna be extremely buggy -_____________- -Shizuma-
  2. LOL at Jen I want to know both Carlos xD hehehe thank you ^^ -Shizuma-
  3. oh, wow XD it would be nice to have a lot of girls in this forum ^^ a special section called like "girls only" could be created only for us x) lol Back on topic... carlos, would you mind giving me some advices to learn how to texture? I would appreciate that a lot ^^ really, I mean it -Shizuma-
  4. very funny Mike XD That reminds me the rules of the internet in a topic long time ago Everybody thought I was a guy and I even placed on my signature that I am girl long time ago, do you remember? Anybody can think I'm a guy since this it's the internet. So, whatever, I let them think whatever they want but that'll never change me ^^ . I'm still a woman So, I'm the only one along DK's wife? I don't know about Jen XD, sometime before, his/her profile said female, and it says male now; so I don't know x) I was going to say that Ashley was banned but I never imagined it was a man o.o wow xD -Shizuma-
  5. thank you again guys ^^ hehehe but my modeling it's nothing compared to Liam or Carlos, I'm just novice xD @shmarty, I would appreciate some help for texturing =) I want to learn how to do it ^^ would you mind teaching me? ^^ hehehe OFF TOPIC but I wonder how many girls we have on this forum? I'm just curious; I doubt I'm the only one here XD -Shizuma-
  6. thank you guys!! yes, it's my very first one! I will welcome any suggestions for improvement 😃 LOL at Jen XD next, I'm modeling Sateda from SGA (This is the warehouse of the awesome shooting scene with all the wraiths) HEAVELY WIP For those who wondered if this was possible... Quick update on Stargate Horizon Of The Universe mod The Destiny attached to the Seed Ship ^^ (MADE BY MICROMAN, NOT ME) -Shizuma-
  7. This it's my very first model that it was finished recently ^^ it's an F-302 from Stargate for those who don't know The first (only the purple ones) pictures are from the very start when I knew nothing about modeling x) FINISHED,TEXTURED AND IN-GAME -------------------------------------------------- Opinions are welcome ^^ Only textures and in-game placement are by Microman -Shizuma-
  8. I would like to have all episodes for my PS3 but it gonna be a long wait time won't it..? -Shizuma- PS: 300 posts at last
  9. awesome sounds ^^ I like them maybe full engine sounds next? hehe -Shizuma-
  10. it's not even released... so no.. wait like the rest of us -Shizuma-
  11. very interesting indeed ^^ I loved the right hand converted Delorean I personally don't like to cars with the steering wheel on the left side... I prefer them and love them with the steering wheel on the right side =) -Shizuma-
  12. a bit off-topic but... I was wondering how hard it is to legally own a 1999 Nissan Skyline GTR R-34 in the US since you can own any car with the steering wheel on the right side and not the left legally in the US without any trouble as long it's 25 years old or more since it's cosidered to be a "collector's car"?
  13. awesome! congrats! ^^ I want to own a delorean too! preferably a time machine replica -Shizuma-