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  1. Hammer is not a modelling tool, it does not use polygons, it uses brushes.
  2. It's the Diamond Select series of hats. http://www.bttf.net/Back_to_the_Future_2015_Cap_p/21008.htm
  3. I'll leave my PC on so you can try it out, Mike will be on soon to restart, the IP for just testing out is: Cheers.
  4. Well, this one is a: RPG server. The files have been uploaded to the server, and will wait for Mike to restart the .exe. ELBdelorean suggested it. Thanks.
  5. Well, I don't have the time to mod GTA anymore, because I have to focus on my schoolwork, I've already had a bollocking off several teachers due to my work lacking. If you pick a GM that you like that can be downloadable, then I will test it out on a private server, suggest gamemodes, and I'll decide.
  6. Right, choose what gamemode you want for the only GM for the official SA-MP BTTF: HV server; note after this poll it will not be changed. Once I get the servers sorted, I will move onto releasing a new MP installation.
  7. It is available for download, but it seems that the new clients of SA-MP has mucked it up. So we'll fix bugs.
  8. I guess I'll fix it later then, can't at the moment.
  9. This should be fixed, please reply here if you still encounter the error.
  10. That seemed to have worked , cheers.
  11. Hey people, I was wondering; and it's probably a noob question but uuh, how do I activate RC Mode on the mod? It says in the readme: RC Mode -action and sprint to activate -camera button to change view -don't kill yourself But what is action and sprint? Cheers.