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  1. Hey don't forget me. I'm still here haha.
  2. Hey I'm back on forums. I'm going to try to help out DELB again with the MP.
  3. This is in Dutch, PM me if you want a translation off what the guy says.
  4. Mike, if you read this, I have spoken to D.E.L.B. about the multiplayer. I still got the gamefiles, be sure to come on msn tomorrow so I can send them to you. We'll discuss more then. And Mike also please add me on steam. My steam ID is in my sig.
  5. That is not possible. SA-MP was never actually compatible with mods, all we could do for the server is tell the player that when he's driving for example a cheetah, that it's in fact the BTTF 2 Delorean. We can't force them back out of a mod you see?
  6. I would like to be admin again, keep peace in the server like the old days.
  7. I have seen the new knight rider mustang once. But no Delorean (yet).
  8. This has been asked ALOT. I voted for the second one because I like futuristic stuff.
  9. Haha, nou we krijgen dan neit zo gek veel hoor :P.

  10. Eigenlijk zouden we eens moeten tellen met hoeveel we zijn.

  11. Nee ben je niet hoor :P.