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  1. if youre jailbroken i can send you the ipa file to install manually
  2. Did you right click the vice city directory in the steamapps/common directory and untick "read only"
  3. Once you travel to sunshine autos and enter the time machine conversion garage, make sure you have "BTTF 1 delorean" selected and then press either the up or down arrows and you will be given choice of either "BTTF 1 c/w hook" or "BTTF 1 without Hook" (which is technically the one with hook adapted for flux capacitor but no hook) to prevent crashing try converting to with hook and then pressing tab at passenger to put hook up and then filling with plutonium and then travel to Nov 12 etc ( you know the rest) hope this helps ?
  4. You enter the time in 24 hour format example 6:15 am is entered 0615, 06:15 pm is 1815... how old are you?
  5. Hi Guys, bit of an odd place to advertise this but every little helps. anyway I gather that the people on here are honest and caring people as I read the forums (Mike, the way you didn't kick off at that guy for posting a modified scm even though he didn't do it on purpose and actually helped me out a lot) i digress, in April 2016 I'm doing the UK national 3 peaks (Ben Nevis - Scotland, Scafell pike - England and snowdon - Wales) in order to raise money for cancer research. i have 2 pages on justgiving.com one for cancer research UK, the other for prostate cancer. They are the same challenge just the company I work for can only donate to one and they have a contract with prostate cancer. i would appreciate it if people on this site would help make it a happy Christmas for the people who have had cancer affect their lives. please let's help people celebrate many many years to come.
  6. crashes for me I even compiled and copied (F7)
  7. Are saying it crashes or nothing happens?
  8. Ok won't but seemed to work fine was nice watching first temporal experiment without any interaction. iknow this question must have driven you guys nuts but....could this replay system be used for the past selves question that I see people keep asking?
  9. ah right, so is there a way to use it correctly, do you tell it when to start recording?
  10. Afternoon all, (I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section but I don't think it qualifies as a bug) Quick question.....just found a feature of sorts, I don't recall ever seeing this in the regular game but I was just pressing random keys...don't ask why and when I pressed F1 the game appeared to replay a few mins worth of gameplay I had just done...interestingly it was just when a RC BTTF 1 was returning....also seems F3 does something similar. Could someone fill me in? Is there a proper way to use these keys?
  11. noticed a crash with lightning run but could be 1 or 2 or both of the following factors. I sent a BTTF 2 via RC to arrive in hill valley near clocktower @‌ NOV 12th 1955 10:04pm I then got a BTTF 1 w/ hook and put hook up filled plutonium and travelled to our fave date. I then proceeded to complete clocktower run in rc mode. everything went fine up to point to lightning actually striking clocktower, then the game froze at the point when lightning had hit BTTF 1 del just as BTTF 2 was arriving at the same point. just my 2 cents..pennies...euro....depending which country you're in
  12. Just a thank you as fixed the problem. What a team. You're all amazing people
  13. So do I need to remove bttf lc, run game as normal, sort graphic options out and then reinstall mod?
  14. My apologies this was meant for bttf lc, could one of the admin move it to correct sub-forum please. is there a difference in graphics between disc version of gta 3 and steam? I notice that there are no options to configure audio and/or graphics in pause menu with bttf lc installed.
  15. Hi Guys, quick question...I seem to remember that in 1.1A of the BTTF:LC mod you could spawn all the deloreans and RC control ALL the vehicles even while your driving one.....is that feature still in
  16. I cant seem to get marty to let go of the hoverboard....I an go to passenger side, press tap, gets board out and am also able to put it back in the delorean, but press enter once I've got hold of it pressing enter does nothing.
  17. hi guys just a quick question, is there supposed to be blurs and what looks like reflective fog slowly swirling everywhere, even inside the deloreans.
  18. thanks for the replies everyone loving the mod
  19. Ok so as the title suggests...how do you activate hover mode in the new 1.1B BTTF:LC?
  20. I get the error failed to open mp3 report when starting, I only get window format mismatch when attempting to load in anything other than fullscreen mode
  21. rdc5288

    Sound list zip

    could one of the devs help me. im sure there was a zip file uploaded with all the sounds from the mod but maybe I've lost my mind so could I please request one be uploaded for me to download. i know I could just extract the files from the mods directory but I am wanting to extract the files onto my iPhone as I have a jailbroken device and I find most of the audio sounds suitable to replace the system sounds, eg plutonium empty/refill for power cord insert and removal. if someone could do this favour I'd appreciate it. I like to show off my phone when I have the sounds in place because not only does it make my phone unique to everyone else's iPhone but also its a great homage to not just BTTF movies but also this epic mod you guys have worked so hard on.