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  1. Hey guys, its looking fantastic! Don't know if any of you guys remember me cause i haven't been on for a while but i'm glad to be back.
  2. where did you go all this time?

  3. could be used for some pipes on the time machine.
  4. y not make it look like it opens outward but make it open upward only you cant see the door opening upward?
  5. well you could get a huge team if you taught people how to do things.
  6. the bttf 2 del and the train then
  7. nice i like it. next you should make a shiny platnum. that would be pretty cool
  8. does the screen dissapear after you time travel to 1885 and is there more runway on the other side?
  9. k good because before i tried to drive on it to 88 mph and i hit 23. LOL!