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  1. Hey, I've been gone from the site for over a year, What's new? I tried clicking "View New Posts" But I'm not gonna read through 800 pages of posts... So, How is everybody and how's the mod coming along? Saw the new video. Delorean looks amazing... What's up?
  2. This July I'm going to Vidcon 2011, a convention for Youtubers and Nerdfighters... For those of you wondering what a Nerdfighter is, this is a confusing but thorough explanation...
  3. Deloreans are kick ass... But Tardises are cooler!!!
  4. Well I didn't really make a wish List... But I can tell you what I got... Season One of my favorite tv show as a kid... "The Secret World Of Alex Mack". And the greatest gift of all... FINALLY!, a good Matt Smith Doctor Who episode...
  5. I didnt read every post, but any news if any of the other actors besides Chris Lloyd are in on the project? Cause on the Facebook game the voice for Marty is not MJF...
  6. Look I did a search... I couldn't find any topics related to this... So either contact an admin to close the topic, Post your high score in a show of camaraderie, or shut your face...
  7. Telltale Games has made a Facebook Game that is Back to the Future themed. It's called, "Back To The Future: Blitz Through Time". If this information has already been posted, then let me know... In a nice way if you could... Statler, you're a douche. But the game is basically BeJeweled. Except you have to match the "Molecules" super frakking fast or you run out of time. Once you do enough matches in a row, you will "hit" 88mph and the background will change. to either 2015, or 1885. Special connections, give you special destruction of molecule abilities... It's really rather fun. Here's the link... click here My High Score is: 148,900... Believe me, I have NO FRAKKING CLUE how it got so high...
  8. Somebody close this topic... IDK how...
  9. All I did was click "View New Posts" and I didn't see anything related to Shoes or Nike... I'm sorry... No need to call me a dumbass though Jackass...
  10. Saw this and knew I had to share it... BTW... Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!!!1 http://www.geekologie.com/2010/11/back_to_...r_nike_delo.php
  11. Here's an interview with one of the staff of the Telltale games production crew. Spoony interviews him at PAX. http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/bt/spoony...k-to-the-future http://thespoonyone.blip.tv/file/4096313/
  12. You want me to show a pic of myself? How dare you? But in all seriousness... and.... Tardis... I'm doing it wrong...