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  1. Ok I'll start off by saying that I have a heavily modded SA, from there on, it's fairly understandable that the SA mod may not work due to conflicts, etc etc. Once I'd realised that having so many mods was unwise, I chose to uninstall the BTTF mod for SA, which, clean as a whistle, it did, the uninstaller wiped BTTF off the map and restored my backups. However, what I hadn't counted on was the fact that it got rid of ALL my cleo mods, every one of them. I had a few in there that I'd made myself, and had backups, guess where? In the cleo folder, renamed *.BACKUP or something similar. So I'm basicly here to say that the uninstaller shouldn't just nuke-delete the cleo folder but rather just delete relevant files. Who doesn't have cleo installed anyway? It got rid of enough files that I had to redownload Cleo just to get my game running. I'm just glad that the cleos that I downloaded had backups. Too bad I lost all my personally made content. Just a request to fix this issue.
  2. Nice arms Mr Parasaurolophus Leaving all antogonism behind us, nice job, it looks good. As for the choppers, you've done what I did for the Ingen Chopper They look sucky ingame don't they without doors xD Good luck with the modelling, the choppers are kinda annoying, doing an interior won't be simple :/ (as I know for when I convert them too ) I think your map is a little flat, perhaps a few more hills are in order, since it's already made of a load of pieces it's not too hard, that's how I did the cave in Jurassic Carnage. I think the dinosaurs need to be in a little more widespread groups, they're a little close together, but other than that, looks good :] Btw nice eggs Make a bunch of raptors or something come out of the bushes if you go near the eggs :']
  3. It's not THAT different, the only differences really are that you can't use global variables and there's a limit to how many handles you can have. For a weapon spawn you wouldn't need to have either. Some opcodes from .scm can't be used in cleo, but the high majority can, plus most of the opcodes that can't be used in cleo have cleo versions anyway, lol, so 's all good
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! /emoticons/default_biggrin.png" alt=":D">

  5. Actually nicotine is also poisonous, nearly everything in cigarettes is. There's no such thing as a healthy cigarette. There's ones that are less bad for you, such as E-cigarettes, but the taste is kinda foul. Marlboro, Lambert & Butler, or Amber Leaf <3
  6. I decided last night to learn how to rig, granted this is my first model ever rigged I don't think it's too bad; towards the end I cheated by making a lot of the body attached to the pelvis, so when raptors do a kung fu kick they're kinda stretched, but running around is scary if you rig the belly to the tip of the tail, they look at me and they run and they're scary! I'll get some more pics where the rigging looks better... EDIT: pics... http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j242/Evi...r/JPSA/look.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j242/Evi...backkicklol.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j242/Evi...gryfightrun.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j242/Evi...or/JPSA/run.jpg I know the arms are messed up, it's because the bones are too wide apart relative to the arms...
  7. Use your scripting powers child and make the fire from the fire trails into actual fire instead of a particle effects
  8. Some Kind of Monster - Metallica \m/
  9. Wow, learn something new every day Thanks Archer, that cleared it up for me, and now it's time for me to turn in as I've gotta be up in 5 hours for work >_<
  10. I don't understand how Blu-Ray of an older quality filming can be any better than said film on a DVD... Speaking of Blu-Ray... I was in the Sony Center the other week and I saw a Blue-Ray player going for exactly the same price as a PS3, now I wouldn't buy either, but I just thought that it's a bit of a funny concept to put a Blu-Ray player for the same price as a Blu-Ray player, with online gaming, with availability to sync to computers, and all the other crap that the PS3 offers that I don't want... £299.99 was quite a lot imo though anyway. Go somewhere else get one half the price.
  11. I'd like to see a plot playing as Doc in between BTTF1 and 2, he seems to have done a lot of research... and say... where did he get all that money for "all monetary possibilities"? Hmm? I'm hoping this game is gonna be good but I bet it won't.
  12. Note... I've always been able to save, time circuits on or not... I've saved while a time machine isn't present, as in, an RC TM has been sent somewhere and I'm waiting for it... I like saving and then waiting a minute just for the car to appear
  13. Son of a b***h. "Thank you for your participation! This survey is now closed." All I did was click on the link to the survey '
  14. My laptop ran out of battery while gta3.img was rebuilding :'( OF ALL TIMES :'C Fudging sucks. Ruined my modded version of SA, I'm not even sure how old my backup is. At least I have 3 installations of SA... gonna copy a fresh'n and install it on that