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About Me?

Well there's not much to say here really. Most of the time I can be a pretty nice person, but people tend to get on my nerves sometimes and I can get a cruel since of humor...

It doesn't take someone very long to notice I'm completely obsessed with Steam Locomotives. Building model railroads is my hobby, and so is collecting toy trains. I can't tell you why though, I've just been fascinated by them since I was 2 years old.

I also love Cinematography, you know, making and editing movies, though I don't film that often anymore. I'm also really into art and drawing and am taking Portfolio and Art 3 next year to prepare for a possible are scholarship, to where I don't know, but I want to stay in town for a few years at a good school and possibly think about transferring to the Kansas city Art Institute.




Oh by the way, my favorite steam locomotive of all time, as if this was a surprise, is Sierra Railway's No. 3 rogers built 4-6-0 ten wheeler locomotive. You know, the one painted up as the No. 131 in BTTF part 3.