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  1. New BTTF Car

    Hi Im Sn1per09Inc. A new user im italian and i create a project(not finalized) of BTTF Car The server is open enter(The Server Have All BTTF CARS mod)The name of the server is Italian Most Epic Server(im not founder)The name of admin is Pietro09,Dardo98 The Founder Name is:Fanta-Italy! Visit Our Site for more information! http://luna7535.wixsite.com/bttfsimeserver
  2. [GTA SA] BTTF Mini Mod and modloader?

    Is there a way to install the mod so that it can be loaded with Modloader?
  3. Have you installed BTTF SA and saw all the links taken down by BTTFModMachine?No offense. Here are the revived updates but only the early ones that were uploaded by Abdullah Basit24 Files:https://mega.nz/#F!qBw1yDyJ!2SGPsKDX04IPAiKu2LPngg (Note:You need to install this first and don't install teleport script timecircuits!) Anyway back to the point, the BTTF 4 DeLorean got deleted and you can't install it so I made some scripts and code to revive it! Files: https://goo.gl/H7VuLX New Features: 0.1: Added Blue DeLorean (by Olivercomet) (You don't say) 0.2: Blue telltale wormhole and garage.cs file but not spawnable by garage if you select BTTF4 the game will crash 0.21: Added TellTale DeLorean by SnakeGTAMods 0.3 :Seperated code, please reinstall again the cleo scripts as I seperated them, also borrowed the code from BTTFKR vent.s but it does not play the audio If someone knows how to edit audiostream command correctly in .cs and .s scripts, please tell me Controls: Spawn BTTF 4 with RShift and N The mod is in really early beta so no garage spawn nor TP scripts. I need helpers.
  4. [FIXED]Need Help! Sanny Builder 3

    EDIT:Nevermind I needed the original file So I am trying to change the code to BttF_DMC_Boost.cs by uokka123 and Sanny Builder 3 can't compile because there are too many "typos" which don't let me compile that file. Same with BttF_LiftOff.cs Screenshot:
  5. Blue DeLorean?

    Hello there again! I have noticed in the BTTF game from TellTale at the end there was a blue DeLorean. Now normally i would shrug it off but it seems that other mods include the infamous blue DeLorean, with some even calling it BTTF 4! Just curious because it could be pretty cool, also could we possible see a return of the DMC 13? Loved the model and how unique the car was. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  6. Need help (Plz read)

    I was playing on bttf hill valley version 3.5 (the one with the fully modeled hill valley, mall, drive in, everything) I had replicated the first time travel scene from bttf 3. I want to Sept. 02 (accidentally 3rd ) 1885 at 8:00 am. at 08:02 am at the clock tower, a delorean had came out of nowhere near the lightning wire only to find out, it was doc! I tried again recording hopefully about to catch the anomaly in time but caught nothing . Plz tell how to trigger this again.                                                                                                                                                                                     ~your partner in time, nitrogendelorean397
  7. Can you update the mod in 0.2f v2 version because to update like Mission, BTTF The Ride, DMC 13 Time Machine, Kitt and Karr, DMC 12 Time Machine with Teleport mode like same car from BTTF 2 delorean, Gold Delorean, Black Delorean, Red Delorean, Blue Delorean, Blue DMC 12 Time Machine with Teleport Please update in 0.2f.  
  8. BTTF mod not work :(

    Hello ! I'm a new member on this forum, and i've a problem ... i've download the mod "BTTF_SA_0.1.3.2_Setup.exe" on moddb.com I install the mod correctly and i launch the game. So, when i start a new game or i launch a save game, an error spawn on the desktop : I love this mod ! one year ago i could play whit it without problem. Today there is this error. Please help, sorry for my english i'm french :/ Thank you !!!
  9. BTTF KR Mod for GTA San Andreas Mod is developed accordance with the following films: - Back To The Future; - Knight Rider 1982; - Knight Rider 2000; - Knight Rider 2008. Created by: - Programist (Prodelkin Anatoly). Developers: - Programist (Prodelkin Anatoly) - modeler, designer, scripter; - SKaimanS (Pervukhin Michael) - main tester; - BPS (Makhonin Slava) - tester, designer; - 88M (Sidorov Semen) - tester, offered a variety of ideas to improve the mod; - PozitivBttf (Meyrbek Tleuzhanov) - modeler; - AVP (Dmitry Dik) - offered their DeLorean models; - Castro (Paul Osipenko) - Tester; - Mr. FraN WinchesteR (Alexander Emelyanov) - Tester; - Ramin (Nicholas Nosal) - tester. Special thanks to BTTF HV Team and bluespace88 for their initial development! http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/home.html K.A.R.R. 2000 Teaser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZBJat5ZQAo Old build video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQXdF2mWSKM News, announcements, etc. can be found at official VK group --- PS: Mod is developed from scratch, it is not based on the BTTF SA Mini Mod and Source Code by bluespace88
  10. Hello, i have BTTF SA Mini Mod with Source Code 20101105 and the point is, when i try to replace the DeLorean model found on bttf.img, when the game starts it crashes and i have to restore the original img (i have backup of the whole mod), the reason why i was trying to change it is because the default one looks bad, and i have the Telltale model and i want to use it. And i can change models on gta3.img
  11. Back to the Future 0.2f lags on my computer, but the GTA Vice City not lags. My computer: VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP integrated video card 2.67 GhZ processor 1 GB RAM 64 MB Video memory.   GTA Vice City not lags, because the System Requirements allowed. What the System requirements of the BTTF 0.2f mod? And the 0.2e R2 not lags too.
  12. Version 0.2f Update 01


    The first update to 0.2f.  Simply install over the top of your existing installation of BTTF HV version 0.2f. The update addresses the following issues: -Reinstates the start line for the lightning strike run on Nov 12th 1955 -Reinstates the correct model when time travelling via the clock tower lightning strike -Fixes the crash caused when pushing the railroad DeLorean up to 88 mph with the Rogers 131 locomotive -Fixes the wormhole sound effect bug - Fixes traffic missing after a short time - Fixes spawning issues with Doc's truck and wrecks of it generating at Sunshine Autos - Fixes lights on Doc's truck (submission) causing a crash - Fixes the Jules Verne Timetrain dropping through the roof of Vercetti's Mansion - Fixes crash when timetravelling with the BTTF3 DeLorean using the remote control - Added (WIP) hover conversion animation for 2015 Luxor Cab Company Citroën DS Taxi - Added an ini-file to change keybindings (see bttf-hv.ini) - Added opcode definition for memory manipulation script in game script source to fix crashes when compiling custom changes - Remapped hover conversion keybind on 2015 Police car to use the global hover conversion button Also included are all of the source code files for the mod
  13. Wow today was a sad day. I was lucky enough to be one of the last people to go on the back to the future ride. But I wasn't the only fan there for sure. Since its located at Universal Studios Japan so many people came out to dress up and participate in the closing. It was absolutely inspiring to see so many fans of the series come out for one last ride I made a whole video about it check it out, it might just blow your mind! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWRagbF1NFk
  14. Vice Cry

    So I know this probably isn't where this belongs but not getting any help in the other sections. Been trying to get this mod to work with Vice cry, but so far to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Need Help with Setting Time Curcuits

    Hi, I'm having trouble with figuring out how to enter the Destination time with the number-pad on the keyboard. Is they're like some way to put it in order or something? Help ASAP - Gage PS: Its Version 0.2f (just in case)
  16. ok so I've converted the 0.2f models to san andreas but I now need help   in san andreas I need someone to texture the wheel opening from bttf 2 to flying bttf2 ( when you press 0 or CTRL to go into flying mode)   I also need help getting the coil glow on the models to fit (I'm using delorean88mp's mod pack and I want the coil glow to fit)   much help appreciated   also I've attached a picture of what the 0.2f bttf3 delorean looks like in san andreas ( converted by me)
  17. alright I thought I'd showcase in a video some of the best features of 0.2f.   there are bugs like time traveling by pushing the delorean to 88MPH while using cutscene time travel hill valley looked buggy when I was driving up to it, the models had no back to them at the start of hill valley trying to add the hook to the BTTF1 delorean crashes the game the game randomly crashes while in docs truck at the airport and also once or twice the game has crashed while getting into the time train its all unhandled exeption errors.   if I find more crashes and when they happen I'll add them here   
  18. Custom Location for Location Circuits in the 04 - from 0.2e Valley Video in Hill Valley Downtown in 1980's from Back to the Future: The Game. Starbase Zero - Hill Valley Apartment - A1 Liquors in 1980's from Back to the Future: The Game Time Changing Hill Valley Downtown 1930's from Back to the Future: The Game Sisters of Mercy Soup Kitchen (In Hill Valley Downtown) - inside - Back alley - El Kid (Inside: Under Construction in June 13) - El Kid (Inside and Teleport to O'Malley & Sons Barber Shop) in 1930's from Back to the Future: The Game Billiards Parlor - Hill Valley Apartment - Valley Bakery in 1930's from Back to the Future: The Game Hill Valley Science Exposition (Hill Valley High School) (1930's Version) from Back to the Future: The Game Unknown Place before Lyon Estaes was buited. (1930's Version) from Back to the Future: The Game Doc's garage* - Inside (1930's Version) from Back to the Future: The Game Pohatchee Drive-In Theater (1955)   *If that mod was available yet...
  19. [REL/VC/PROGRESS] HQ Deloreans!

    Hi Guys, I Want to share this with you, finally i found a HQ Model of all deloreans. it will be for GTA Vice City Only! Hope You like The HQ BTTF1 Model (Other Deloreans Soon!)
  20. All Delorians 3D Model Required

    Hi Guys, Can Anyone Give me 3D Models of All Time machine delorians. From BTTF: The Game. Thanks For Reading. 
  21. Does anyone know if there is a way to get the 0.2F time circuits into 0.2E R2? I love that version of the mod to death but it is always a drag when I have to constantly spam capslock and ctrl in order to set the dates. I wish it was like 0.2F where it had the awesome map and models as well as the numpad time circuits! Anyone know how to make this dream come true?
  22. I Like Michael J Fox

    Hey guys, I'am a big fan of Back to the future II movie i like Michael J Fox. I wanted to tell you i saw the back to the future jacket from online store i bought it one for my husband, If you interesting in buy click here.  
  23. So. I was safely listening to "Push it to the limit" while driving the BTTF 3 DeLorean towards Hill Valley. Turns out the game didn't like me doing that. Any reasons why this is happening?
  24. BTTF Soundtrack Radio Station

    Hello everyone! I created a music only radio station from tracks from the albums of all three movies. They include (not in chronological order): Songs: I Can't Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar Mr. Sandman - The Four Aces The Power Of Love - Huey Lewis & The News Back In Time - Huey Lewis & The News Johnny B. Goode - Marty McFly & The Starlighters Night Train - Marvin Berry & The Starlighters Earth Angel - Marvin Berry & The Starlighters Doubleback - ZZ Top Beat It - Michael Jackson Instrumentals: BTTF Main Title BTTF Overture BTTF 2 Main Title BTTF 2 End Credits BTTF 3 To 1885 BTTF 3 Train Scene Part II (It's Clara!) BTTF 3 Train Scene Part III (Point Of No Return) BTTF 3 End Credits This replaces VROCK.adf in the Grand Theft Auto Vice City\Audio folder Here's the download: http://goo.gl/rbtVU That's all! Good Luck! -BTTFModMachine
  25. I Think I mentioned this in another topic, but it was on topic so, I am wondering if anyone has knows about someone named Programist who made modifications the BTTF SA 0.3.2 code and added more features such as all the DeLoreans and improved effects, a teleport code that lets you teleport to in the timecircuits.cs (which I myself am trying to figure out how to make usable on all DeLoreans),a Railroad mission, RC DeLoreans, etc. It also has K.I.T.T and C.A.R.R. I got it from here: http://bttf-sg-mod.ucoz.ru/load/back_to_the_future/source_code_for_gta_sa/sourse_code_01_03_2012/8-1-0-349 It also looks a lot like Delorean88MP's All DeLorean Add-ons mod.