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Lightning Strike Bugs


When i travel through time (Using the hook in nov. 12) a gate appears and usually crashes my game, any fix? (and yes, it's the gate of the warehouse of the mission Cannon Fodder)

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1 minute ago, Flobeamer1922 said:

Check the download page. There's an update to 0.2f that fixes the bug you encountered.

I downloaded it already, works.

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Hello, these errors are also with me.

Had as I tried the mod before years.

Either I made at the hook and then the game crashes, or the first time now in the latest version, the game fell off as the lightning struck and just because I wanted to go inside. But now as I said the game crashes early as always, when I press the button to set up to the hook.

Too bad, you say, the errors have been corrected with version 2f, which I realize only unfortunately nothing, which are error still there.

Of course I do not exclude that I may have what installed incorrectly.
So I have GTA Vice City fresh install, and then run directly to AutoInstaller 2f and then the November update of 2f


1. BTTF_HV_0.2f_R1_Auto_Setup
2. 0.2f_Update_01_Nov_12_2015

If I have done something wrong, then please help, thank you.

Oh error after crash:



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