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Found 10 results

  1. The last version of BTTF HV (0.2f with update 01) has various bugs and some things was removed from previous version. I want to fix it but I need help with the code: -1. It's impossible to load a savegame from the menu (only after start new game). -2. Time travel with remote control don't show the display with the date (I don't know what's the line that fails). -3. DMC-13 anymore can convert (I supposed it's complicated ti fix it). -4. The Ride Mission and Tutorial was removed (It's not a priority). -5. In previous versions Hill Valley was bigger (car park for example), but I know that that is in progress for next update. -6. Nth Dimension (with damaged DeLorean). Until now I only can recover Kitt from 0.2d, but I can't change Shift + C to call it. (Insert Kitt isn't the problem to load savegames, that happpens also with original code). P.D. Sorry for my english, I'm Spanish P.D.2 I use Sanny Builder to edit and compile main.scm that provided in gamescript in Update01.
  2. Jesus it's been quite a while since I've been here. So to start this off I will post the potential bugs I found...now I don't know if they are bugs but to me they are! 1. Cars driving through hill valley during the night of the thunderstorm.... it's horrible but that's not the bug, so I travelled to nov 12 1955 10:03pm and the alarm clock went off.... good but I failed because of the cars... however when I time travelled back to 10:03pm the alarm clock did NOT go off and thus I missed the opportunity to do the event. 2. When the flying delorean is struck by lightning and going from flying to car... I can't move the delorean during the animation cycle.....which caused me to plummet into the ocean to my death. 3. The rogers locomotive floats at it's spawn point after pushing the delorean to 88mph 4. This one might not be a bug but......I wasn't able to make the DMC13 time machine.... was it removed ? I don't recall if it was removed in base 0.2f 5. certain cars are missing their wheels until they're really far away where they look complete also I've got a lot of issues trying to get the dev builds to run like after installing the game would boot to black screen and soft lock my PC forcing me to reboot so to even get this stream done I had to use the manual installer. Anyway I'll be covering the mod more in the future when I can get the dev builds running xD, take care! full stream can be found here: if you spot anything I might of missed....then it's a good job I stream
  3. I was playing on bttf hill valley version 3.5 (the one with the fully modeled hill valley, mall, drive in, everything) I had replicated the first time travel scene from bttf 3. I want to Sept. 02 (accidentally 3rd ) 1885 at 8:00 am. at 08:02 am at the clock tower, a delorean had came out of nowhere near the lightning wire only to find out, it was doc! I tried again recording hopefully about to catch the anomaly in time but caught nothing . Plz tell how to trigger this again. ~your partner in time, nitrogendelorean397
  4. Hello. yesterday i install a fresh copy of gta vice city ( retail dvd version ) and then install the mod 0.2F and the patch i have no errors whit the instalations, but game wont start the game opens and show rockstar logo intro, but then show error (unleaded exeption) and closes. i try a rip version but same error any idea? tanks! pd: im spanish and bad english writer
  5. Back to the Future 0.2f lags on my computer, but the GTA Vice City not lags. My computer: VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP integrated video card 2.67 GhZ processor 1 GB RAM 64 MB Video memory. GTA Vice City not lags, because the System Requirements allowed. What the System requirements of the BTTF 0.2f mod? And the 0.2e R2 not lags too.
  6. So I have GTA Vice City for Steam. I have installed both the 0.2f version and the update for it. It works perfectly for around 5 minutes then it randomly freezes and then an error comes up, I tried to save so everytime it crashes I could load back to where I was but then when I tried to load the file, another error comes up. Any help? (oh, and I reinstalled vice city and the problem continued)
  7. alright I thought I'd showcase in a video some of the best features of 0.2f. there are bugs like time traveling by pushing the delorean to 88MPH while using cutscene time travel hill valley looked buggy when I was driving up to it, the models had no back to them at the start of hill valley trying to add the hook to the BTTF1 delorean crashes the game the game randomly crashes while in docs truck at the airport and also once or twice the game has crashed while getting into the time train its all unhandled exeption errors. if I find more crashes and when they happen I'll add them here
  8. You excuse if I always ask the usual question... But they are months that I don't see news on this mod.. What is it happening?
  9. thedoctor


    you said that it would be released for Christmas 0.2fo the demo at least, I will not be rushed but how's it going?
  10. Hi, I just found some images on Google images, hehe, I was looking for 0.2f Inicial or something like that and I thought they were an initial Version of 0.2f, with news models of Mr.Nightshade, a new radar and Some models of ace2029, Can anyone answer my question? It's justo to clarify my doubts, I don't want to be controversial, Here I leave you the images. LEAF LINKS?? ACE2029 MODEL?