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  1. Press Tab behind the plutonium chamber.
  2. You need to drive the DeLorean to Sunshine Autos, drive it into the garage to convert it to the BTTF1 DeLorean, and go to the junkyard to grab plutonium for it.
  3. It's theoretically possible. One way I've done it is by pushing the DeLorean off of a high building and letting it fall to 88 MPH.
  4. Check the download page. There's an update to 0.2f that fixes the bug you encountered.
  5. Did you also install the November 12th update?
  6. Are you using the latest version of the mod?
  7. There does currently exist a mod that adds the DeLorean time machine into the game and allows you to time travel. It's not a BTTF: Hill Valley mod, though.
  8. It's fixed, and the time train reentry bug has been fixed, too.
  9. I checked the log. Those two files were extracted into the models folder.
  10. The light part of the green error light is separated from the text and is in the wrong spot. This is with Update 1.
  11. I can only assume it was an oversight by the filmmakers. It's something I noticed, too.
  12. Is there any place on the map where you can get plutonium to fill up the BTTF1 DeLorean? If so, where?
  13. From what I've played so far, there are two ways. The first is to spawn a Maverick by typing GIVEUSAMAVERICK. The second is to spawn the BTTFII DeLorean by either pressing \ to spawn all four movie cars, or by typing WHEREWEREGOINGWEDONTNEEDROADS.
  14. From what I've tested so far, the problem seems to be fixed. All the other sound effects are working just fine as well.
  15. If you turn off the time circuits while the wormhole sound effect is playing, it'll continue to play, even if you reduce your speed below 82 MPH. It stops when the time circuits are turned back on.