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  1. The interior will be based off of a couple of concept drawings that I found. From what I know there was never a full interior built for the car.
  2. The car will be released with 0.2f. So sadly you will have to wait till then to drive it in game. Indeed it does, however with the smoother look also comes a price with the polygons. As of right now I am estimating the car will be around 35-40k when complete. I believe the current one in game is just over 17k.
  3. I have all the images of that sad looking one that's been abandoned. Haven't seen those blue ones before. I'm always looking for more images that show the car in daylight, since you only see the car from one angle during the day in the film.
  4. Seems like things got a little off topic here. So let's fix that with an update. There's still some adjusting to do, but overall it's coming along quite well I think. Although it may not look like much has changed, quite a bit of work actually went into the body to cut the details in.
  5. Yup, I figured I've been away long enough, so I decided to post something to let everyone know I'm still alive. Well technically school has only been really demanding since the beginning of this year. I kind of barred myself off from almost everything internet wise to focus on getting better with my modeling skills. I needed to get myself up to par with my classmates. For most of this year I had to come up with a game concept, make a concept bible, and build a level from the game concept in Unreal. Then portfolio work is pretty much going to keep me busy up until the end of March next year when I graduate. Sometimes I think of how cool it would be to move the mod over to Unreal. But since I'm not much of a coder, I don't know how easy/difficult it would be to move a lot of the things we have now over to it. So things will be a little slow until after I graduate, then pretty much I'll be dividing my time between the mod and looking for a better job. That's fine with me that you updated Doc's Van. I am planning on redoing a few of the other models for the cars but I'll save that for later. I'd rather work on getting the rest of the cars needed for the mod done before going back and updating the old ones.
  6. While looking back through the cars I've made something really bothered me about the 2015 police car. So with a little digging I was able to find quite a few references and some concept art on the car. Since school has taken up much of my time I have not been able to work much on cars for the mod. But I have now found an excuse to do so by using the new version of this car for the mod and my school portfolio. Most of the progress pictures will be posted on my deviant art page. So here's what the car looks like so far. http://k1092000.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4kcjtl Comparison of the old one and the new one. http://k1092000.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4kckgn
  7. Just wanted to pop in an tell you guys why I've been off for so long. Mostly cause of school but that lightened up about two weeks ago. However late last week I got into an accident with the only extra car my parents had and it was supposed to last at least a few more years so my younger sister who just got her license could drive it. So after dealing with the insurance companies and paying the $75 dollar ticket I spent this week looking for a car and ended up settling with a Scion Xa. It's not a bad car for a starter car and it was in my budget. Plus I have a friend who works for Toyota who can get me good deals on parts if I need them . In mod news: I have started the 55 Election car and I hope to have a progress post for it mid next week.
  8. I've done that before myself
  9. Did you have your volume up? Cause there's sound on my computer and no message saying the music is from the WMG. I had this uploaded under private and took it down earlier today because one of the songs was flagged by the WMG. As of this moment I only have the two songs in the vid and the whole Pirates of the Caribbean sound track to work with for artists not under the WMG. I don't know what I'm gonna do for music in the next car vid.
  10. The video for the AMC is ready. Not much left to do for her except car colors and adding a body texture.
  11. That's part of the wheel well, because the car is low poly I had to make that piece separate. It's not something you will notice when you're having fun in game unless you look for it. I've done that with quite a few of my cars but I think I managed to match up the faces better so the overlap is not very noticeable. I also have some more good news. Wood paneling is now on the car. I also managed to fix the rear glass, however the only way to do so is to make it connected with the front windshield. If everyone is willing to deal with that then I will not be forced to tint the back window.
  12. The diesel engine that destroyed the Delorean looked like this http://www.outatime.it/ritornoalfuturo/fra...=593575&p=3 However to get the model into GTA you will need dummies. The best way to get them is to import an existing car into 3ds max. Also it's a good idea to study the car you wish to replace and see how all the dummies match up to their parts this way you can make sure that on your model that everything aligns up correctly. This will show you how to set up the dummies, it works the same for 3ds even though it's a zmodeler tutorial. Except for in 3ds you have to link the parts and dummies manually. http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=144247 Depending on which program you decide to use to export your model you can find tutorials here. http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=409590
  13. My first 3d model was this. http://k1092000.deviantart.com/art/Devastator-II-24922933 Hurray for sketchup.
  14. Got the car working in game, just need to fix the collision, handling, and work on getting the wood panel texture on the car. Arg it's still missing the side view mirrors. Of course the window making the interior see through problem still persists.
  15. Check car progress for texture updates. If all goes well the car will be in game tomorrow sometime.