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    Macs, GTA Vice City, BTTF, and I would really like to do the hook mission whereby "When this alarm goes off, you hit the gas" in BTTF1. However I cant find it anywhere!!!
  1. I think I would prefer that, because I continuously keep mucking up the time circuit destination! But how would it be switched off? It would have to be the same button but not one near the keypad incase the wrong button is pressed. I reckon the * button on the numpad would be awesome! Anyways, good idea ?!?!.
  2. I've read the notes, and all it says is under 2.e changes (which is the only place I am able to find anything mentioned about this truck is "New Models - Doc's Truck". What did you mean, read the notes?? Have the developers forgotten about Hilldale? Lyon Estates? Also in the future are the cars gonna fly over the roads? Because the still drive. I reckon it would seem more like the future if the cars actually flew over the roads! That would be awesome! Yeah I agree with that, but not for 0.2f because I think the developers wouldn't want to make a huge map with a tiny Hill Valley because they would have nothing to put round Hill Valley. However I reckon that could be a good tactic for the final edition with all the places like Hill Valley, Hilldale, Lyon Estates and all the other places! Thanks for listening! Dizzle
  3. Dude not sure if this has been posted (prob not) but any chance of some use of the ELB Van that is parked outside Sunshine Autos? Like could we possibly put cars into the van and drive them around, and use the spectacular entrance used in BTTF1? That would be awesome! And also not sure but I think I should ask, is the Hill Valley map going to overwrite the main map? I hope so because I think it's really complicated, driving all the way to the clocktower and back to Sunshine autos when my delorean ii is hit by lightning. Doc's garage isn't thaaat far away... Awesome work! Loving every minute of it! Thanks! Dizzle