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  1. same here , but this zero is famous for the Stargate SG mod its amazing
  2. lol there must be programs to make this awesome mod smaller! Theres this really good one but I can't remembe what it is.
  3. wow trance your talent is deffinatly talent welldone.
  4. Deffaintly looks smashing, Sorry I couldn't convert the chopper for you Trance dam GTA tools
  5. ow, don't worry i'm gunan learn how to do it as I've got a very good tut and some good screens to model from in gmax. Ow shoot after 30 minutes im still having some trouble with Gmax already
  6. haha, ow trance if you would like I could try making a basic texture for the heli for your Jurassic Park mod, although It might take me a while to get the painting spot on, as im only a amature painter heheh.
  7. If I could trance I would deffaintly help you, but seeing as I have exams for GCSE now I won't have time to like study on code or modeling lol. but at least you managed to find some good use with the maps i found you of the island
  8. wow, this really is coming on really well so all three islands will hopefully be there. Will the Airstrip in Jurrasic Park 4 I think be there?
  9. that is true. last time i checked there were like 10 opcodes I could see. Maybe its deffinatly progressing fast, as the team on their forum has started fixing some bugs
  10. Woow its awesome welldone Zero. waiting has paied off
  11. Ow also trance on the website I showed you last time. There are files that have blueprints of where and how far each item goes. That someone has created. And even bigger better images of each Island. Just thought you might wanted to have known about it
  12. Wow been a week since I was on. THis mod has deffinatly progressed alot since I was in America a week ago . Welldone trance..
  13. Lol or even when you get out a ak47 and try to shoot a the dino's they should like maybe die.