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  1. Back to the Future Hill Valley Android Edition V 0.1 << Download

    what's included

    time machine garage

    Cutscene/instant time travel

    Time circuits

    Plutonium and trash refuel

    Lybian chase

    hook and license plates

    RC Mode

    Hill valley courthouse square

    flying time travel

    backwards 99

    nth dimension

    ride mission


    what's not included

    time train

    dmc 13


    what's broken

    clock tower run?

    hover mode has glitches

    time circuits cannot turn off once turned on




    refuel/add hook: shoot

    bttf2 hover: radio and brake

    time circuits on :handbrake + horn 

    time circuits next number: handbrake + left

    time circuits advance right: handbrake + right

    change time travel mode: handbrake + radio

    activate rc :sprint + punch
    exit rc: Shoot

    garage exit: exit vehicle

    garage next delorean: left or right

    garage bttf1 hook options: gas or brake

  2. as far as the bugs go the clock tower event never resets so that probably needs to be fixed.

    2 is by design, the flying circuits are destroyed. you arent gonna have a good time.

    3. spawn point probably needed to be lowered but will receive a new spawn point in 0.3

    4. yes it was removed i dont remember why

    5. listing the cars would be very helpful as i have not seen this for myself 

  3. Hey guys been a while since we made a release hasn't it, well good news!

    0.2f R2 has been released you can find the download here: 


    Or from moddb: https://www.moddb.com/mods/back-to-the-future-hill-valley/downloads/bttf-hill-valley-version-02f-r2-20190811-auto-installer

    Or finally via: http://www.hilvalleydatabase.xyz

    Whats been included in R2?

    • Revamped map 
    • Animations for things like RC mode, Refueling
    • New Stainless steel textures for the deloreans
    • Tons of new bugs and possibly some fixed who knows...
    • Work on the hud and new digital font!
    • Removal of vice city to make room for the new map and future map redesign 
    • More time changing areas

    Want to talk about all things BTTF Hill Valley and join the 300 members already on discord?

    Visit here!  https://bttfhv.co.uk/discord

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  4. over the years you have done a great job at keeping up to date with us and following our next steps, now its time for us to be up to date with you, after careful consideration, following the trends and seeing how you kids talk in the 2010's we believe this is the best way to reach out to our fans, we are rolling out a discord server, however it is your job as a community to fill it with all the relevant information, we will do our best to help as well, but only as a community can we begin to build our discord server, so with that being said click the button or link to join the server, have fun and remember the forum rules still apply to the server.



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  5. so obviously this forum is a ghost town, it wouldn't matter if we posted a massive update or not, everyone here has just grown to the point we have better things to do, or people on the forum just have lost interest, anyways enough of random ramblings and assumptions onto the topic,


    As some of you know I am from Texas, I recently moved to Colorado Springs,there's a much better atmosphere and waking up to see mountains is pretty cool, my focus has randomly shifted between the HV unity project, to helping with artwork on IMG Factory, to my PS2 version of hill valley, @BTTF Forever and I spent countless hours trying to understand the sound engine for the ps2 version ultimately giving up until we try again at a later date, one interesting thing that I noticed was the ps3 seems to have no coil lag, the ps2 seems to be about the same as PC, so my guess is the ps3 emulates at a higher clock speed.

    most recently I've been going to thrift stores that charge a few cents by the pound, finding mint games/software and flipping it for profit on GameTZ, I've also recently started learning how to make cheese which to me is really interesting. I'm making a pepper jack and will be aging it until June then trying it with family with a glass of wine, Just about everyone from the BTTF-LC team doesn't talk to each other anymore, other @Thyncho88 , @BTTF Forever and @Torque5 the others are pretty self absorbed and petty, so we just don't talk, i do try my best to keep in touch with @Mike but life just seems to have moved past GTA and BTTF and I work on things like that at random for fun.

    I'm also planning a trip to Japan, Not sure on dates yet and it'd be for a week with a few friends, but I have a passport so that's half the battle, but there seems to be more important things to handle before I decide to take a vacation.


    So that's What has been going on with me recently, How about you, how have you all been and what have you been doing?


  6. totally shows i don't know how to read. or should start sleeping... cause i just re read your initial post and you do mention SA

    okay so i know it sounds like i'm picking on you but i'm not, please don't double post in your case triple post, use the edit button, i'm gonna move this topic to off topic since it's not an issue with the sa mod exclusively. and don't worry this is the best time to learn how to use the forum when there's not a lot going on


    it definitely sounds like you are missing a texture file, double check your files 

    Though it is sounding like this issue is only happening during animation

    you could have possibly deleted a texture used by animation or worst case.... Someone....CARLOS... is using the same texture file for animation as the car...... so you'd need to find the texture in the regular car that looks like wheels that isn't in the other cars and add it, or be better than us and make a new TXD and change the object handler to use that TXD...

    Pro Tip:  TXD files go after DFF files in the IMG

    so place all your DFF files then place all TXD Files,lastly hit Rebuild archive to recompress (your game will load faster and have less bugs)

    also when you have issues like this its usually good practice to post a picture of the problem.




  7. First off

    This doesnt go here.



    Im gonna assume this is vice city since you failed to mention it

    If its pure white you are missing textures

    If they are just brighter than the car thats due to the fact vc uses primitive techniques to animate the wheels i.e. building models (ew) so they are brighter because lack of vertex shading in the model...