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  1. Back to the Future Hill Valley Android Edition V 0.1 << Download

    what's included

    time machine garage

    Cutscene/instant time travel

    Time circuits

    Plutonium and trash refuel

    Lybian chase

    hook and license plates

    RC Mode

    Hill valley courthouse square

    flying time travel

    backwards 99

    nth dimension

    ride mission


    what's not included

    time train

    dmc 13


    what's broken

    clock tower run?

    hover mode has glitches

    time circuits cannot turn off once turned on




    refuel/add hook: shoot

    bttf2 hover: radio and brake

    time circuits on :handbrake + horn 

    time circuits next number: handbrake + left

    time circuits advance right: handbrake + right

    change time travel mode: handbrake + radio

    activate rc :sprint + punch
    exit rc: Shoot

    garage exit: exit vehicle

    garage next delorean: left or right

    garage bttf1 hook options: gas or brake

  2. as far as the bugs go the clock tower event never resets so that probably needs to be fixed.

    2 is by design, the flying circuits are destroyed. you arent gonna have a good time.

    3. spawn point probably needed to be lowered but will receive a new spawn point in 0.3

    4. yes it was removed i dont remember why

    5. listing the cars would be very helpful as i have not seen this for myself 

  3. Hey guys been a while since we made a release hasn't it, well good news!

    0.2f R2 has been released you can find the download here: 


    Or from moddb: https://www.moddb.com/mods/back-to-the-future-hill-valley/downloads/bttf-hill-valley-version-02f-r2-20190811-auto-installer

    Or finally via: http://www.hilvalleydatabase.xyz

    Whats been included in R2?

    • Revamped map 
    • Animations for things like RC mode, Refueling
    • New Stainless steel textures for the deloreans
    • Tons of new bugs and possibly some fixed who knows...
    • Work on the hud and new digital font!
    • Removal of vice city to make room for the new map and future map redesign 
    • More time changing areas

    Want to talk about all things BTTF Hill Valley and join the 300 members already on discord?

    Visit here!  https://bttfhv.co.uk/discord

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  4. over the years you have done a great job at keeping up to date with us and following our next steps, now its time for us to be up to date with you, after careful consideration, following the trends and seeing how you kids talk in the 2010's we believe this is the best way to reach out to our fans, we are rolling out a discord server, however it is your job as a community to fill it with all the relevant information, we will do our best to help as well, but only as a community can we begin to build our discord server, so with that being said click the button or link to join the server, have fun and remember the forum rules still apply to the server.



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