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  1. Oddly enough,none of the scripts work for me,wonder why...i have CLEO 4 and everything. Anyway,awesome job on the mod uokka Nevermind,fixed the boost and the unflip script,but the game crashes when i press submission(liftoff script)
  2. I did everything wright,but the Delorean KITT doesent appear in my garage.And when i spawn it(trainer) it wont fly,wont refuel and also the TC's dont work.
  3. Is it possible to add a little bit more coil and spark effects when the BTTF 3 TM reaches 80mph? Like in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XtQySKK8Tk Dont get me wrong,I like your mod very much
  4. I've just installed GTA VC BTTF 0.2e Second release,installed models and SFX. But here's the weird thing--- when i time travel to 2015 there are just two 2015 cars,a Landstalker and this really annoying cadillac eldorado from the 70s(Stinger in game)which appears everywhere. And in 1985 there are some 2015 cars,but everything else is normal So can I put some cars in the right eras? If so,can you tell me which program(s) can i use