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  1. It sucks that they aren't power, can't be bought by average people, and don't have my size. Maybe in 4 years
  2. There was a line where he said he's taking care of the estate for his father. You have no estate if it's just a garage.
  3. Burnt discs degrade. Press discs don't.
  4. Why would doc move his house. The thing isn't burnt down anymore. It still would be next to Burger King.
  5. It's on my ipod now. I buy the discs so I have a permanent copy that can't be lost when a hard drive fails.
  6. Don't people get why it cuts off. No one on the mod team wants to correct the timing information...
  7. Guys. The reason why the game is simple is because the game was episodic. If they allowed you to drive anything. The game would of taken years to be made. It's either stick to a very tight script. Or wait 3 years for the game. Look how long it takes to make a GTA game. They didn't even have time to build the correct street for docs garage. And had to stick it in Marty's street.
  8. I didn't know it existed till last week. I was like what th- *boom* came out in 2009. I think it's because these idiots keep reusing the same cover art.
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    This goes in new releases.
  10. BTTF special limited edition. Not only does this contain the entire soundtrack to BTTF, digitally restored. It also includes all of Silvestri's early cues done when Eric Stolz was Marty. Plus a few cues not used in the final film.
  11. The sounds get cut off because people have been lazy and haven't corrected the timing info, in the code. I didn't use the hover one because it has the hover engine noise, and it was done three times. very fast. So I used the one when Marty is dropped home. The other "quick" reentrys where rejected by the team.
  12. Basically how I understand it. Marty is still Marty. He never affected his timeline. But since Marty altered Docs timeline two times. He didn't travel with Marty, in the second half. Doc still does his original mission: to get detailed history for Marty, and gets caught by Edna. But he goes back and forth to deal with his "home" life. Rather than running through time. Since he patched up his relationship, with his father. He just didn't know where Marty was, in time. So Marty had to leave him that clue. If Marty never fixed his relationship with his dad. Alternate Doc would of reverted back to real doc. At the end of Episode 2. But would of been really killed, by being run over. I assume in this timeline. Marty used the Delorean alone, to fix Aurthur's Timeline. Since Doc was busy with the Key to the city. It's similar to the issue with Doc not remembering he dressed up Marty in that bad get up. Time didn't catch up to his memory.
  13. Bob Gale was a story consultant. He would of not allowed them to pull a BS. So it's true. Also, the description of part 5, on the PS3: "In this season finale".
  14. Finally played Part 5. PS3 took this f***ing long. I just love how no matter what, they couldn't get everything 100% back to normal. I don't think Edna got a better life, after all. Also, things where cut and changed form the original photos. Doc and Marty aren't wearing the correct clothes, in the photos. Marty and Dan stopping Edna never happend. And the shot where Marty talks to William after HV is erased was staged different. Final verdict to the game. One problem: Everyone was too god damn nice. No matter how bad it got. Marty never actually attacked anyone. And Edna was like lala during scenes where she should be trying to stop/kill Marty. For the people complaining about the convenient points in the game. Even the most convenient one, the chandelier mission. It's a game. I don't want to sit around for 3 hours to figure out one clue.
  15. GAH. It kills me I have to wait 2 more weeks till I'm able to play ep5.
  16. I really hope doc found the original tire and battery. Cause a time change can happen again. If someone finds it. I still wonder. What did Doc tell Edna. Maybe when they reverse everything. Edna might not end up as her failed self.