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    So I'm sure this is old news, but I'd figure I would share it anyway. I have recently discovered that the GInput mod made by Silent at the GTAForums actually works really well with the Hill Valley mod. I know for a fact that it looks great with the xbox buttons, mainly because I use a xbox 360 wired controller. I don't know how the playstation buttons look, but I would imaging they look just as good. The great part is that I didn't have to reassign any buttons in Vice City's controller options, just changed to classic mode and bam, works like a charm. I would have made a video, but my PC isn't very good at doing videos, so sorry. Here is the link to GInput http://gtaforums.com/topic/562765-reliiivcasi-ginput/ Make sure you download the Vice City version. Here are some sample pics from Hill Valley 0.2e tutorial:
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    Wait you want us to put it on steam? That would require us to buy a License from Universal to do that. Does Steam even allow mods in the shops store like that (free I mean)? Whole different game? What game, what engine? Port all the work to another engine that won't be using the same sound, particle setup etc. The models could be moved. But all the mod game code can't just go BOOM works. I don't deal with VC game code. But can it be converted to Python, C++, or whatever that engine does? Again, what game/engine would satisfy the HV mode. I seriously would like a list. Cause I can't think of anything off the top of my head.
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    For a movie like this, they probably meant to do irreparable damage to BTTF.
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    License plate is post BTTF 1 but they forgot Mr. Fusion. o.O
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    not sure how it would fit in the Bttf world since thats the Bttf 1 car and the bttf 3 car was in bttf 3 but very interesting Thanks for sharing will definitely see movie just for Doc and delorean