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    I'm creating a new bttf hv mod team, it's called "Be patient and wait for the Official HV Mod team to wrinkle out all the bugs and enjoy 0.3f when it is finished" team. Bit of a long but prudent name don't you think?
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    Back to the Future : Hill Valley Mobile Back to the Future Hill Valley was great on your PC, now it's on your Phone and Tablet too! With Back to the Future:Hill Valley Mobile you can experience Hill Valley at any time, anywhere! --- With the Mobile Edition of BTTF:HV I hope to port across most of the functionality that comes with the 0.2e version of BTTF:HV. Whilst the game is not all the same and has some features missing, it is largely the same game that you've been used to playing. However it is greatly improved as you don't have to sit at a desk or have a laptop to play it, you can play anytime with the devices we use every day. --- BTTF:HV Mobile is still in development, however I am close to releasing it for iOS. As for Android, I am sure this will work on it but I don't have an Android device, if anyone wants to help test for Android that would be great! Requirements
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