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Subscriber package now available!

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We are pleased to now be able to offer a subscription package to our members, we currently have a subscription package which will enable to you to gain access to extra forum features, and will give you access to competitions and pre-release betas of the next version of the mod.

A run down of features in the package can be found below:

IFT Investor: $3.75 Monthly

* Can edit own topics title and description

* Icon and/or coloured name

* Can edit own member title

* Can lock own topics

* Group name: Advanced Subscriber

* Private chat forum

* Post Wrapper – Ability to set your preferred font/colour/size which is stored by the board

* Can remove 'Edited By' line

* Can PM Multiple recipients

* Increased PM Storage - 500 messages

* Bypass flood control

* Regular competitions with varying prizes

* Arcade - Unlimited games

* Can change own display name

For added convenience the package has the option of paying on a monthly or annual basis.

It is important that we point out that this package is not mandatory, the standard member package, is, and always will be free of charge.

This package is being offered as a way for members to enhance their forum experience, as well as helping contribute to the ongoing costs of running the site.

A final thought to consider is that most/all of the features that are being offered in the package, have not been available to members under the old forum.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

The BTTF HV Team.

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