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Hi Guys,

I Want to share this with you, finally i found a HQ Model of all deloreans. it will be for GTA Vice City Only!

Hope You like The HQ BTTF1 Model (Other Deloreans Soon!)


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great go get written permission from who you found it from to release



what makes it high quality?

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The author is Tirido. Do your research, please.


delorean88us asked him for permission several years ago.


Tirido's post from the same thread:


His new DeLorean 2.0 looks amazing; maybe you should ask him for permission when he releases his new version.

"HQ" does not always imply higher poly count, although his DeLoreans are beautiful. Are you defining "HQ" as "I like it very very much"?

You should read what he says in his DeLorean 2.0 site: it wasn't as accurate as it should have been and that's why he's making a new one. It's like something we would do... and did.

PS: I apologize if anyone gets a message trying to edit the posts or trying to reply. I moved the topics, but changed my mind and moved them back.

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