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Blues GTAVC BTTF Addon for Xbox1 Test

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Hello, again all. I'm testing Blue's GTA VC BTTF Addon on xbox1. So, far I got it to work a bit, but only because

I had to use early models of the deloreans. The game would freeze when I'm about to come close to the

BTTF2 delorean. After replacing it with the earlier models the game is ok. Now, the only problem that I'm having

is that when I leave the Island where the Vercetti Mansion is and I reach any of the first street lights that

I come into contact with-the game freezes!

Would anyone have a clue what could be causing this?(And this happens when I try the earlier betas of BTTF HV

as well!). Thanks.

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Wow, I didn't know you could test that on the Xbox! :lol:

Perhaps you should have been more specific in your shout(s). In addition, if you haven't seen what I've posted already, you should avoid posting multiple times for one topic. This can be found as annoying to some members.

Anyway, my belief is that since the mod was made for the PC, objects such as the town square are probably incompatible with the Xbox's setup since modifying the VC maps directory is required for the game. Thus, upon leaving the island, it would cause a crash.

However, since you got the car models to work, it could be an incompatibility with codes (such as from the main.scm) that were made for the PC version of VC. For instance, this could have to do with Time Travel codes, garage codes, etc. This wouldn't make 100% sense either, since it seems that you can start up the game just fine (from what you explained).

Well, that's pretty much the best I can do... This is where the help of someone more knowledgeable on VC would be good.

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Thanks for your reply! B) Sorry, about earlier, I'm still new to this whole bttf hv stuff. yep, I got the delorean

to work fine. It flies, has wheel animations to go in/out like the real thing. I also installed the sounds. They work fine. It's just the freezing upon leaving the island problem...I think the problem is in the main.scm.

I 'm not sure if I was supposed to install this on the most recent release of the hill valley mod or if this was

supposed to be a clean install. Because that's what I did-a clean install. The mod didn't have any other map

installations to install required.

It would be cool if blue could help out here, like fix a few things. Since it's a stripped .scm, maybe that's whats

causing freezing, because the safehouses are unlocked?

I think if someone experienced in this were to work on the maps problem then we can get it to work on xbox1.

I mean the K.I.T.T. edv0.9.1 works perfectly on xbox1.

Edit: When I flew over the area(s) that cause the freezing the game works fine. But, I have to fly over it to get

to the other island. Meaning I have to fly over the street light & intersection just high enough to avoid it.

but once I revert the delorean back on land and try to return under the street lights the game freezes.

What could be causing this?

Edit2: I think the files "d3d8.dll," & "time.cfg" might be the problem, too. The xbox might not be using them

for the mod to work fine? Maybe that's causing the freezing?

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