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Nov 20 - Forums changes completed

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As you may have noticed, there has been some restructuring of the boards sections and the gallery and downloads components.

Why has this been done?

With the continuing advance of the SA version of the mod, and the decision to make it into a full blown version of Back to the Future: Hill Valley, we have taken steps to restructure the board to reflect this. Additionally we are trying to encourage more discussion of the mod and BTTF, and in general more serious topics, which has seen the removal of the former playground section.

What does this mean for you?

With the restructuring now complete, you will notice some sections have been removed/condensed into one, and/or new sections have been added. For parts of the mod which are specific to either the Vice City or San Andreas versions of the mod, you will see these sections have been split into VC and SA subsections. The gallery and downloads components have also been updated to reflect the change.

The features and requests section is an example of this, with sections for both VC and SA. When posting a feature or request please note the request must be posted in a New topic, this will allow the team to find requests quickly without the need to search through a topic which is X pages long.

In addition to this we have also made changes to the bug tracker tool to incorporate the SA version of the mod, as well as adding the ability for regular members to reply to bug reports, this will allow the community to offer help and support as well as BTTF team members.

Further changes to the sections also include a restriction on members creating new topics in certain sections, this has been done in an attempt to keep the discussion in these sections on the mod, rather than discussing other mods or coding changes.

As a closing thought, we know people tend not to like change, however we feel the changes made were justified and have resulted in a more thoroughly organised forum, which will in turn lead to better topics and discussion.

The BTTF HV Team.

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