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  1. I love Trance's Models...Even though Shonash Ravine is the only one I got to work...:S
  2. Replaces Vrock? NOOOO! That was my favorite...
  3. I'm Interested in doing that now...It doesn't surprise me someone already did it though.
  4. I would love some of the Character Models to at least be an option for the next mod. Not just Marty Either, Doc too. Any thoughts?
  5. I think a custom Radio Station would be really cool. You could play the movie's songs: Back in Time, Power of Love, I Can't Drive 55 and Double Back. I also think it would be cool if the songs played at certain times like they did in the movies (At least the Huey songs.) or if they changed as you time traveled. You could have the "Model Toyota" Ad going. In 1955 you could have the sports broadcasts going....etc.