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  1. Looks good. I have an iPod Touch 5G. GTA VC runs very well on it. Might jerk randomly once in a great while, but it runs great. On my game I have ThirteenAG's launcher that has the aircraft height limit at 400 (VC's default 80 height limit sucks), and I have the Xbox wheels. Hope my device will be able to handle San Andreas in 2014. Anyways, would you like me to test it on my device?
  2. Glad to see this going again. I never understood why the GTA Back to the Future mods don't remove the original map and replace it with Hill Valley. If this is done, it will be easier to make the map change in different time periods. Hill Valley isn't too big of a place. What you would do is have a Terrain map that is loaded there at all times. However all the buildings are different in different times. Its done by scripted map objects (kinda like how the buildings that get destroyed during the campaign work). Better yet, it would be nice to see someone figure out a way to get GTA to load and unload ipl's in game.
  3. He has been inactive for quite some time. If he is still in school, I'd say give it to about the end of May/June. He may return then.
  4. You should jailbreak. With out a jailbreak, you can only do what Apple allows you. Hence the name jailbreak.
  5. I thought of a few possible ways to get Hover Mode Boost working. 1. The sub mission button. I know that the hunter has a sub mission. I don't know how the game handles assigning sub missions to vehicles and making the button useable. But you might be able to assign the vehicle the sub mission, but instead of starting the sub mission the script just uses the booster code. 2. Use a vehicle that has guns. For example the Sea Sparrow (unless you can add guns). Make the fire button use the booster. In the weapon file, you can make it so the gun does not work. (Possible on GTA IV, and might work on VC.)
  6. You could hold down accelerate (up) and decelerate (down).
  7. Ok. But about the still going up. If I remember correctly on the PC version, the increase altitude didn't really do much when using the booster. But if going up is an issue you could always code it so there is a downward force, when the booster is on, that counteracts it so it will stay level.
  8. I know raising altitude works. I'm talking about making it so when you double tap the button and hold on the second tap it enables the thrusters. Like how you double tap the sprint button well on foot to jump.
  9. Can you make it so you tap twice on the gas pedal (raze altitude) button? On the second tap you hold.
  10. Hey, I'm wondering if I could test this. I'm on a iPod Touch 5g. But I'm wondering why the cars are not working. Someone on GTAForums got one of the GTA IV vehicles to work on the mobile and they are about the same quality as the BTTF HV ones.