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  1. To tell 'ya the truth Dragon, I liked the very first one you did/posted. IMO, looked just like the film
  2. Excuse me, but since when do you have the authority to ban people? You do NOT have the power to do that, so don't be telling other members what to do.
  3. You could have bikers driving around and parked bikes all around the parkinglot near the Biff Tannen Casino with Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55" playing and repeating every time you go near the parkinglot/casino.
  4. Its just starting to happen to me a little bit.
  5. Not really.... because you have to change the buildings around, especially changing the clocktower to the Biff Tannen Casino/Hotel or whatever.
  6. I say the BTTF 2 Del. The first one used to be my favorite, but its too much of a hassle always having to go back for Plutonium and the fact that it randomly dies. I love that the second one is unlimited with trash refuels, and the fact that it can switch between flying and driving. Almost like a plane that can drive I love the wheel and Mr. Fusions animations The only bad thing is when it can get struck randomly by lightning and the time and flying circuits get fried