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  1. I think there is some houses on Starfish island that do have the small ribbon of flag hanging in a backyard. Not sure tho. Might be in VCS
  2. Hi everybody. I'm new here. I got the mod and installed it yesterday. Did the tut today, and messed around a bit, like I usualy do in mods and games, just to see if I can find funny bugs to exploit. I was impressed of the memory capability. Say: I sent a BTTF2 DMC12 on the airport landing ground to arrive a 3:20 PM. Then, with a DMC13, sent myself to the place at 3:19 PM with the locator and I actually saw the remote controled car get there after me. So I tried with myself and a car. Got the DMC 13, jumped to 3:35 PM, fueled up Mr.F, noised around, waited a minute, then sent myself back a minute before my arriving there. Nothing happened. So, heres ma question/request: Is it possible to code and/or add a time loop function. I don't ask for an endless possiblity, but if I can 1 or 2 copies of myself and their cars to mess with, that would do great movies I think Thanks for your time, and happy new year to all Jonsey