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  1. It's quite easy really. Im doing the same myself. Steam is using a different exe file. So you need to download a no-cd crack. I would suggest making a copy of the Vc and Sa folder, so that you have a clean steam version, and a non steam mod version.
  2. one word: AWESOME! but you can reaplce it with the caddy to get rid of the truck sound in the background
  3. i made a pair 3d glasses that do have half transperent, and added to a ped (sfrendb) one of the people sonny talk to, in the opening cutscene of VC, i also edit the cloth to make it look like 3d, then i rigged this (so this is not just a retexture) what do you think?
  4. i have been busy working on a map project on GTAF.. but ive started making the mexcan 2015 taxi driver, with a parrot like in the movie
  5. thx to all for the comments i made a quick rig of the ped.. but it still got some bugs when it is moving
  6. im trying to create some peds for 1885.. i know the eyes have to be fixed.. thats cuz the model had sunglasses before..
  7. Hey its me Jake-dk from GTAForums.. after i lerned to rig i have also been rigging some BTTF peds i have been making a long time ago.. My version of the 2015 cop woman (will be realesed soon) and the CJ on the pic is also rigged by me ill add more peds.. when i have done them and rigged them
  8. will there be a 2015 radio station that the forum can request tracks for? if yes, use this topic for the requests
  9. K.I.F.T.

    1985a bikes

    hi, i have found 2 motorbikes that can be used in 1985A (the bikes in front of biffs place) and added on 0.2f.. they can replace Angel and Freeway http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?d...69&orderBy= http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?d...31&orderBy=
  10. I have done the book by George McFly..
  11. i aree with Orgcon with the cars and another thing.. the vw beetle and the cirtroen 2cv in the game they spawn in the 1955 era.. and they should spawn in the 60s or the 70s ot just togther with the all the 80s cars.. i just think it is a little bit unrealastic with the cars in the 50s