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  1. When we get 1985 A, how would we get to there. Would there be an "A" option on the time circuits, or would 1955 have to be messed with like in the movie?
  2. I saw this pic. of this DeLorean and I thought it would make a good DMC-13
  3. Well I like the BTTF 2 because it flys, it runs on trash, and it has a suitcase of money in the trunk . But I also like the DMC-13 Time Machine because of the location circuits and it can reach 88 mph faster which uses less space to time travel
  4. Ok. so it is possible but highly unstable. Thanks Timetrain
  5. Make a full copy of a car from the parts of code down to the model
  6. Copy a car through the code and models. Then modify the car's code and model
  7. Would it be possible to copy a car and then mod the copied car?
  8. Here are some cars that I think sould be in 0.2f A 1980's BMW for the the 1985 era A 1967 Dodge Charger for the 1985 era A 1969 El Camino for the 1985 era A Corvette C1 1953 for the 1955 era A Corvette C4 1983 for the 1985 era A Ford Mustang 2010 Concept for the 2015 era and here's a link for more pics. for this car Mustang Pics. That's it for now. If I think of any more cars I will post them
  9. One thing is will there be an update for an animation for Doc's truck or will that be relased with a new verison? Another thing is there a Hill Valley section on the game or not? This maybe a stuid thing but, for some reason I can either find the missions or there aren't showing up. The last thing is where is the best Marty skin for vice city? Thanks