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  1. Hi everybody. First, i made quick search in this subforum if someone have talked about this, just found about "Modern or 2015 radio stations", so i think i can post without any harm from the moderators... Just opened this post to trying to collect the song list for 50's radio station (maybe i'll have to make another for 80s radio station) obviously trying to have songs included in the movie. Does somebody know where i can get some of them? For the moment just got some of the BTTF soundtrack: 80's: Back in time - Huey Lewis & The News: http://grooveshark.com/s/Back+In+Time/FlJsX?src=5 Power of Love - Huey Lewis & The News: http://grooveshark.com/s/Power+Of+Love/37ArR1?src=5 Doubleback - ZZ Top: http://grooveshark.com/s/Doubleback/3QofY4?src=5 Heaven is One Step Away: (Heard in a drunk man radio when Marty arrive to 1985) http://grooveshark.com/s/Heaven+Is+One+Ste...ay/30DYSI?src=5 50's: Mr. Sandman - The Chordettes (The song when Marty arrives to 50's Hill Valley) http://grooveshark.com/s/Mr+Sandman/2xhqLQ?src=5 Night Train - Marvin Berry and The Starlighters http://grooveshark.com/s/Marvin+Berry+and+...in/1f6QvY?src=5 Earth Angel - Marvin Berry and The Starlighters http://grooveshark.com/s/Earth+Angel+Will+...ine/blxCR?src=5 Bonus: Johnny Be Goode - Featuring Marty McFly http://grooveshark.com/s/Johnny+Be+Good/3qqbC0?src=5 I know, they are streams but sure we could get the mp3... Note that i didn't include the epic Alan Silvestri scores... Suggestions?
  2. Something failed at the instalation... The GTA Mod Installer included on this download shows me this error dialog: "One of the files for the mod that was secfied in the script file could not be found. Make sure the installscript.txt file in the same directory as the rest of the files for the mod." Is there any bug or there is a missing file on the mod's RAR? After this buggy installation I run BTTF:HV. I skip the tutorial mission, and I go where supposed there is a new land, as Lyon States or Parking lot, but there isn't. The only changes that I noticed is "Sunshine Cars" are now is "Dr. Brown Enterprises", and the new radar has a "Mr. Fusion" logo, and the map where it supposed to be houses and Hill Valley...
  3. Hi, I have the most recent autoinstaller version of this mod, but actually I want to update it with some fanmade add-ons, like Lyon States or something. That's because I have waited so much time for 0.2f and there is no release yet... ¬¬ But I can't because the link is broken The link is on this post: http://bttfhillvalley.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=109 and contains this broken link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mmzodjneztt Could you re-upload it please?
  4. I would like to know about railroads in Vice City, if is possible to implement them near of airport (I guess it's possible). I read some post and some people are wondering about "removing Fuel" to Delorean as in movies, just push it with the train, or just disable DeLorean movement. I'm thinking could be like this: After transforming BTTF III RR (In Sunshine or somewhere else place), we could transport DeLorean pulled by horses or charriot (I also read about possibility of adding horses in this mod) to a marker besides of a railroad. On this marker there could be a little rail to put Delorean in the railroad (as in the movie). As you can see, in this way, there's no need to implement extra functions in BTTF 3 Delorean like in some post saying 'changing tires for rail', or adding again Fuel function...i think. Obviously you could need to make some models of railroads ( copy-paste from SA?). Another think that I'm not sure if is possible, it's how to get in Delorean when you are pushing with train :-S Sorry for English, I'm from Mexico