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  1. They do it's in the help section... sweet... Okay, which threads do I need to copy to give it time circuits? Anybody?
  2. I need the coding to change the code from key_pressed 0 19 to whatever makes it not be caps lock, I'd prefer backspace or "\" I just need the keypress code for that...
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    What are you talking about? my english is fine. My punctuation might suck, but I speak perfect english. Screw you...
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    How about the mod team just adds into the code a section that spawns Deloreans with drivers that random intervals drive to 88 mph and disappear on pre-determined paths. Preferably in sections that we visit the most... the main strip, the airport, the beach... Just something for ooh's and aah's... And if we interfere they vanish... Kinda like being erased from existence... thought it'd be cool...
  5. Okay, the number codes aren't working... Anybody wanna take a wack at it?
  6. One more thing... I read the code Mike gave me... How does it know what car to spawn? And I tried your code mike but it says compiler error, T_TRAV not found
  7. Okay. So I add Mike's code, and then I'll have it with TT capabilities but not KITT's stuff... and right now I have it with KITT's stuff but not TT capabilities... okay... strange... 4 questions then. 1. what do you mean by the trigger is sprint + Fire? the trigger to spawn the car? 2. all I have is the dff and txd for the driving mode bananas thing. How do I go about getting the transition Del and flying Del models to be Black with KITT's Light in the front? 3. How did you get the flying Del to turn upside down? And go straight up? That was sweet!!! 4. And where would I have to go to learn the number codes? Super Pursuit mode is button's 4 and 5. I want those to be the flying button's so I'd need to change it to like 7 and 8 or T and Y or something... Not to mention the weapon rotation button is caps lock which kinda messes up the Time Circuits...
  8. Alright! I got it to work... Now how would I go about giving it Time Circuits... or flying circuits? Either one will suffice for now...
  9. Does that tell you how to make a Delorean into a KITT as well?
  10. I figured out what happened. When I clicked convert from MB > SB it made everything that had green text, not green anymore. guess it needs to be that way... lol... And all the british pound signs need to be changed to "@". But damn! now what? Everything looked pretty and started out okay... But now i can't start the game... it loads the bar at the bottom but then makes the, "Hey! You blueed up!!!" chime...
  11. I placed it in between these two sections which used to be right next to eachother. :BTTF3_647 $RC_TRAIN = 0 // integer values jump BTTF3_10@ and //-------------Mission 0--------------- // Originally: Initial :INITIAL thread 'INITIAL' $DEFAULT_WAIT_TIME = 250 // integer values $728 = 0.0625 // floating-point values 0086: $729 = $728 // floating-point values o And I replaced all of the #ZEBRA and #DELUXO in that section of code with #BFINJECT
  12. I added the codes from the KITT mod to the HV code. Now it says it can't recognize the mission label and drops me at this line DEFINE MISSION 0 AT INITIAL@ // Initial
  13. I'm reading the code right now. Looks like regular is Zebra and super pursuit is Deluxo. Will it hurt if I replace all the Zebra's and Deluxo's in the KITT portion of the code with BFINJECT?
  14. And how do you tell which car is which in the sanny builder
  15. Oh sorry dude.. Yeah you were helpful... One more question though... What car does KITT replace in the KITT mod?
  16. Well thank you Mike. You are truthfully the first helpful person on this thing. Yeah Archer helps but he also insults the blue out of you in the process... Thank you...
  17. Okay... now what about the Time Traveling capabilities, the lasers, the flying, the boosts, the gull wing doors, what about that?
  18. Okay... I have it, It's in the game... Everything's cool. Except it doesn't operate like it should in the videos... Now what?
  19. Well if I put K.I.T.T. that could be confused with the ACTUAL KITT. Or the one that Johnny The Dotman is making which is actually KITT3000 with Time Circuits flung on the back... But I've got a trainer now. Only problem is that when I try spawning K.I.T.T. or bananas or whatever the hell you want to call it, I get an empty shell of what the bfinject looked like originally with no tires... what th- *boom*?
  20. Damn you Mike! I'll keep finding ways around it you know...
  21. I did google didn't find wat i wanted... But the vice city car spawner sounds cool
  22. trainer? I'm unfamiliar with the term...
  23. I have replaced the bfinject files. But I can't figure out how to summon/find/create it...
  24. Wow I suck... I can't find it anywhere...
  25. WAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I was always told that I couldn't have cause it was Del's Personal Thingamajig!!! When did this happen? Nevermind, I'll find out myself!!!