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    Nice Ad-Hominem coming from you . Oh, so "HQ" means "big files". I'm so happy you have finally decided for us what "HQ" must be... and here I was thinking it meant "High Quality"... Mini-Me already replied with the tech stuff. It's great your computer can load a big model; how many big models can Vice City's game engine load? Another nice Ad-Hominem I changed my italics to underline, to make the emphasys more obvious. Keep it nice, please...
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    Models get outdated. Why does that make them bad? You rip them from Vice City into GTA V sure it looks like s**t it wasn't made for that game. Half of the models made by the team in 0.2f are new. Made recently. Making them in date? idontgetit. I would like to watch this guy play Back to the Future on the NES and complain about that not being "HQ" <- that's the only time I've ever heard someone use that instead of Hi-Res.
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    Thanks @Leaf for the screens, I'm actually very busy and tired so I couldn't do it. http://postimg.org/image/9uba45ga1/ http://postimg.org/image/v58u8eyeh/
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    I have a couple of PM's from you that state otherwise. Please, stop being deceptive. Welcome to the world of old game engines, where the polycount of the whole world is forced to be lower than a single vehicle from Forza. The game engine won't support too many of these cars for our purposes. It's built that way. We won't include them in our releases, but the community is free to use them as they please. Again, stop being deceptive. Say hi to Queen Diana for me, and I've heard Vietnam is a great place for surfing. I think this is where I'm going to draw the line. ______________ Please, stay on topic about this DeLorean model. PS: I apologize if anyone gets a message trying to edit the posts or trying to reply. I moved the topics, but changed my mind and moved them back.
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    I say you leave these boobs in this car, damn it!