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    Ok guys it's me again umm lets see I got a hold of that shadowrider mod for san andreas I thought it could use some edits, I also wanted to fix/improve a few things in this too so over time I will add to this this is an unofficial edits/updates thread they will be in the form of video with an explanation of what to expect I also want feedback from people on here...so have fun as always and if things go well I might port K.A.T.T over to it UPDATE 1 30/3/2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bZHCUoar6g&feature=youtu.be added K.I.T.T's voice (old kitt's) added K.I.3.T's voice ( from the 2008 show) Added in K.A.R.R's voice Added BTTF 2 delorean with working time circuits Added flying bttf 2 delorean along with all cars can fly... the script was by BTTFModMachine and uokka also note for BTTFModMachine...I can't seem to get out of flying mode help/fix is needed man K.I.3.T C version in the game can turn into the bttf 2 delorean but it cannot time travel due to it not being spawned with the spawn code so no tc's for that delorean but it's the same one and everything that is assigned to 2 on the number line above the key's The only bug with this edit is random bleeping noises using the noises from the SA menu and cutscene time travel crashes the game on re-entry anyways that's it for update 1 stay tuned for more
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    For anyone that is interested, my progress with the models so far have been going slow these days, why? because i have gone back to school. but i've started the inside of the Delorean so i got that going on for me. aaand i have tested all of my BTTF relatad models in Unity(Game engine) and had fun with that. and to have even more fun, i have tested to sit inside my delorean with the Oculus rift and that was one big dream come true.. sorta.. im also that kinda guy that dont like to spend to much time on a project so i move from project to project, its still BTTF related and these is the other models i'm working on: Delorean Jules Verne train Hill Valley town square Citroen taxi cab Griff's car 2015 Ferrari