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BTTF Hill Valley - Version 0.2f Update 01 Nov 12 2015 0.2f Update 01

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About This File

The first update to 0.2f.  Simply install over the top of your existing installation of BTTF HV version 0.2f.

The update addresses the following issues:
-Reinstates the start line for the lightning strike run on Nov 12th 1955
-Reinstates the correct model when time travelling via the clock tower lightning strike
-Fixes the crash caused when pushing the railroad DeLorean up to 88 mph with the Rogers 131 locomotive
-Fixes the wormhole sound effect bug
- Fixes traffic missing after a short time
- Fixes spawning issues with Doc's truck and wrecks of it generating at Sunshine Autos
- Fixes lights on Doc's truck (submission) causing a crash
- Fixes the Jules Verne Timetrain dropping through the roof of Vercetti's Mansion
- Fixes crash when timetravelling with the BTTF3 DeLorean using the remote control
- Added (WIP) hover conversion animation for 2015 Luxor Cab Company Citroën DS Taxi
- Added an ini-file to change keybindings (see bttf-hv.ini)
- Added opcode definition for memory manipulation script in game script source to fix crashes when compiling custom changes
- Remapped hover conversion keybind on 2015 Police car to use the global hover conversion button

Also included are all of the source code files for the mod