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Warning Levels

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Due to recent activity, the decision has been made to reinstate the boards warning system, please see the below post for an explanation on warning levels.

Warning levels and what they mean

0% You're good to go

25% Account Suspended for 3 hours

50% Account Suspended for 24 hours

75% Account Suspended for 1 week

100% Banned pernamently

Warnings are reset after one month of no bad things after account is suspended (so if you're suspended for one week, you gotta wait 4 weeks before it's reset)

Edit: edited 25% warning to 3 hour suspension of account. If not severe, I will give a posting warning, but won't alter the warning level. Do it again, or do it RIGHT after i posted not to do it will earn you a ban for 3 hours and an increased warning level.

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