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the larger 1885 map mod is also included 

i fixed all errors and just piled them all up and the only thing u have to install is this

There will be about 3 to 4 folders                                                                                                            



all credits are in the notepad

How to install the mod

1. click the video above and install the mod in the link

2. install on a US 1.0 gta (pirated works also)

3. open windows explorer and right click on Computer and click properties

4. now click advanced system settings on the top left

5. click advanced system settings (u will need to have administrator to access this)

6. click performance and click data execution prevention

7.click add and click your gtasa.exe in your gta sa folder

8. test the game first before putting mods if anything goes wrong

contact coolguy123#0001 or after one month coolguy123#5692 on discord

i have discord nitro that expires in a month 

NOW for the CUSTOM mods

first u have to install modloader this one specifically



open the folder "mod"

and drag everything inside it into your gta sa folder

and its done






Download link :-  scroll down



this video is a very good gta sa modpack

and i read the comments and saw that no one could install this

 this video uploaded by PC GAMER or natanael has been viewed 11000 times


so im gonna show u how to install it

install the main mod :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdzKFdddFIk



then just install the 700mb file on 4shared

the file will not work so your gonna have to rename the file and put .exe at the end

then run the installer and you can test the game




GTA3.IMG is not present and you have to add in your own models



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im bored

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press 7 for a vehicle spawn menu


T+I - time train help
control - switch to flying mode

jump - boost

tab - refuel train at the very front edge


T+I - time train help
2 - time train hover

control- train boost

tab - refuel train at the very front edge

DMC 13 spawn
press 8 to summon dmc 13

it should show a black box with no text or nothing at all

if u press down arrow and shift you make it spawn in cinematic mode

if u press shift u get quick mode it will just put u in the dmc 13 fueled and ready to travel


Tab behind the delorean - refuel

Horn + Space - quick travel or cinematic travel

f4 - stop the beeping noice when time circuits turned on

+ - time circuits on/off and - to input destination

input dates like this below

12 14 2087 16 30 :- use 24 hour clock for time input

dont press f5 it just changes speedometer and has missing textures f6 , f8 , f9 to open/close doors

f11 to turn time circuits to off

u wont be able to time travel in this state unless u press f11 again

f7 to remove time circuits display


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Hi, I followed all the steps in your installation instructions for the V1.2 modpack (installed on clean 1.0 SA, installed Delorean88MP's mod, did the DEP thing in windows settings, installed the modloader and drag-dropped the content of the first folder), and for whatever reason the game just wont start. Down below is a screenshot of the error I'm getting. Now, the last bit (Registers) is variable, only EBX, EBP and ESP don't change. I was hoping maybe you could help me. Running as admin obviously doesn't work.

Thanks in advance


PS Sorry for both typing this here and DMing you, figured that would be more likely to get your attention.


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