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could one of the devs help me.

im sure there was a zip file uploaded with all the sounds from the mod but maybe I've lost my mind so could I please request one be uploaded for me to download.

i know I could just extract the files from the mods directory but I am wanting to extract the files onto my iPhone as I have a jailbroken device and I find most of the audio sounds suitable to replace the system sounds, eg plutonium empty/refill for power cord insert and removal.

if someone could do this favour I'd appreciate it. I like to show off my phone when I have the sounds in place because not only does it make my phone unique to everyone else's iPhone but also its a great homage to not just BTTF movies but also this epic mod you guys have worked so hard on.

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its times like this i wish my IPhone were jailbroken, however i couldn't get all the cool apps they keep releasing that slow down my phone


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