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The LEGO Dimensions DeLorean for GTA SA

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I bet that nobody knows what I'm talking about.

Here's the black & gold ELB DeLorean from LEGO Dimensions:

http://puu.sh/kResV/3baccf18e3.jpg http://puu.sh/kRepy/9a666f4ae1.jpg http://puu.sh/kReel/e5e4c0f5c0.jpg

There are very few videos of it on youtube, but personally I think it looks awesome and so I retextured a GTA: SA DeLorean to look like it:





Unfortunately I can't get the ELB on the front without editing the model, because as far as I know the texture that the bonnet uses is stretched out and doesn't display properly if you add detail.

The TXD file is attached, in case anyone wants it. It's called yosemite because that was the vehicle I replaced, but you can replace any vehicle you want, including the current DeLoreans. Bear in mind that if you replace a non-delorean vehicle's TXD with this one, you will have to replace the vehicle's model with a DeLorean as well. Unless you replace a current DeLorean time machine, this one will not travel (unless you edit the code).


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It should be attached to the post - I'm on mobile at the moment, but if the attachment didn't work then I'll upload it to mediafire when I get home and post the link.


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Hey Olivercomet can I replace bananas with this delorean 


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