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Back to the Future: Hill Valley - Multiplayer

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Back to the Future: Hill Valley - Multiplayer

Made by Doctor Emmett L. Brown and the BTTF: HV Team!

The "Back to the Future: Hill Valley" team, and Doctor Emmett L. Brown have been developing

something that has never been done before, it's a Multiplayer mod for BTTF: HV on SA-MP and

VC-MP. This takes the player inside multiplayer, while offering the chance to interact with other forum members/admins!


Choose your location

Time Circuits

Change Your Time


Doctor Emmett L. Brown - Multiplayer Leader/Server Admin/PAWN scripting

timetrain - Server Admin

Mike - Linux Server Hosting (24/7 Server Online)/Server Admin

Evilrex - Tester/Code Fixer


thomas11170 - Helping me out with the co-ordinations, thanks!

Blue - Thanks for all the codes, now we got real MP thanks Blue

Anonymous - For giving is the BTTF: SA mod

ELBdelorean - Helping port forwarding the SA-MP/VC-MP Server(s)




We Hope You Enjoy This Video!

Video Made by Gamer

The server is 24/7 that means it will be available at all time, have fun and...

Greetings from the BTTF: HV Team

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