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Planned Server Outage - Sunday November 30th 1:00 AM CST

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FYI folks, the server will be recieving an upgrade this coming Sunday.

Hi Mike

Looking to always improve the products and services CP offers we have scheduled a system upgrade for the server that currently hosts your account. The single Quad Core processor in server s335.c4.crucialx will be replaced by two new Quad Core CPU's giving it a total of 8 cores and we expect this to greatly increase the performance and speed of this server.

* The upgrade will commence at 1:00 AM CST on Sunday November 30th.

* We expect the planned maintenance to take 30 minutes.

* No work is required on your behalf however if you experience any issues after the upgrade, please contact our Technical Support Department.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Ijan Kruizinga


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