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Renderware Programming Manuals

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Fun note, the renderware SDK If you find it, (LEGALLY which is impossible because EA now owns criterion) can actually build for gamecube, and nokia N Gauge can you imagine GTA on gamecube? or N Guage we could have had portable gta long before iphones.

there are however complete renderware installers on certain renderware games for PS2 such as the NTSC and PAL Copys of Bloody Roar 4

by going to the DUMMY Folder and opening DUMMY001.DMM in 7zip

Renderware brochure.

Renderware Studio Introduction

User Guides Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3

Renderware AI Introduction

AI Path Finding

AI Perception

Renderware Audio

GTA On PC did not use this GTA's Audio was programmed into Miles Sound System. which also has an exploit for making wrapped DLL's in the ASI/MIX Format

Renderware Vision FX Introduction

Renderware Graphics

Renderware Physics

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